Covert Affairs Review: Movin' Out (Annie's Song)

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Unlike what I predicted last week, the Covert Affairs summer finale did NOT leave us with a cliffhanger. Instead, "World Leader Pretend" simply - and rightfully - shoved our sweet protagonist in a new direction.

Yes, Annie finally told her sister about the two-year old secret she had been keeping, but it was Danielle's reaction that was the most interesting development.

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I know we are supposed to side with Annie because she's the main character, but it was hard not to be with Danielle every step of the way as she packed up her sister's boxes. If you're keeping it a secret to protect your sister, then why are you telling her two years later?

You either never bring her into the fold or you tell her right away. Does Annie no longer care about protecting Danielle? Or was her entire reasoning for keeping the secret a lie?

Sure, Danielle sort of apologizing for blowing up earlier made for a nice sentimental moment between the sisters, but she really should have continued to be furious. In the end, though, she's smart in sticking with her decision to kick Annie out of the house. How on Earth is it safe to be living in the same home as a CIA agent? And with two young kids? It's time to move on, Annie.

It will be nice to see Annie out on her own. I just hope this won't mean she loses the relationship she has with Danielle and the children. The space is necessary in order to keep them all safe, but too much space will prevent many of the most satisfying moments on the series.

While Danielle finally finding out took up most of my emotional energy, the mission of the week expended the rest of it. Shen, the Chinese scientist that Annie helped defect to the U.S., was great throughout. Even as he was suffering through an 80% death needle to the shoulder, he took the time to wish Annie good luck with her sister. What a stand-up guy.

The mission also filled up the necessary action sequence quota for a finale, beginning with the suspenseful extraction. As Annie and Shen made their way through the hotel, the kitchen, the back halls, and into the van, I thought something terrible was going to go down at every step of the way. Fortunately, they made it out unscathed. Unfortunately, the soup they ate much earlier was what ended up killing Shen.

And to end the episode, we were witnesses to a fantastic foot race through Chinatown, which finished with an all-out fist fight between Annie and the Big Bad of the week. Kudos to Annie for continuing to grow as a physical threat out in the field, as demonstrated here by besting the dude all by her lonesome. 

The summer finale also included Joan shipping Jai off to Arizona, Auggie's friend turning him in to the State Department, and Arthur taking care of business with his fists before popping a few breath mints. What more could you ask for?

So, that does it for this summer of Covert Affairs. Annie, Auggie, and the gang will return this winter with all new episodes of this second season. Be sure to return to TV Fanatic, where we will continue to bring you all the news, previews, and reviews on Covert Affairs.


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I have to say that though I'm not a fan of USA. Since they have utrned' White Collar, it's MUCH better .but that's just me and I love the action.I hope they continue to be exciting because I know so many viewers are OBSESSED with the bromance of the two stars which is great but come on .the guy is a frigging con art artist, let's have some action!


Great show, but keeping Danielle in the secret was better (and more fun for us)...


a favorite auggie line:"i can't see the speedometer but i'm going to ask you to slow down." annie at the steering wheel(determined look on piper's face). i adore auggie but annie would kill him from stress alone within 2 years of marriage. best friendship is probably safer and its special. the window glass breaking(ep. 8) reminded me of what annie did to brambles warehouse last season. annie's too kinetic.


Spoilers to tell you guys when the show comes back I was on the Covert Affairs website and there was an article on TV guide that when the show comes back Auggie is going to have a new girlfriend which is played by Devin Kelley very attractive woman and reading on the character she plays will definitely be very interesting! I'm curious to see how Auggie's relationship with this new woman will play out and how this will affect his relationship with his best friend Annie! This will be a good twist for Annie and Auggie! Definitely friction and tension between these characters it might make her go back to Ben for awhile now the relationship with the doctor is not going to workout!


Good mid-season finale. Gorham/Auggie does make the show. The shoulder injury was bad writing. Annie should have moved out like a year or more ago rather than read Danielle after 2 years.


I enjoyed the finale and was pleased that it didn't leave us with a major cliffhanger. They'll undoubtededly save that for the winter finale. I am probably one of the few that preferred Danielle in the dark. In my opinion, shows that involve major characters having huge secrets work best when at least one person is in the dark. Part of the appeal of Annie as a covert spy was the fact that when she got home she had to act as though she had a typical 9-5 everyday job and her sister was none the wiser. But what's done is done and Danielle's in the know, and even though I hated the fact that she kicked Annie out, I understood it 150%. Auggie makes this show to me. If he weren't on it I probably wouldn't have stuck around as long as I have, and I loved the scenes that he and Annie had. They thrive when on scene together. He's the supportive best friend and it's great seeing their relationship grow. Whether you ship them or not you have to admit those two onscreen together just rock and I take it any way I can get it. Jai. I agree with the other poster that said that it's a colossal crime of nature that he is so underused. Sometimes it seems like he's merely around to add a touch of beauracratic conflict and to look pretty. There aren't too many South Asian actors out there playing roles that aren't cliche and he needs more. I know from spoilers that he'll get more but it shouldn't have taken so long. He's being wasted. One issue I had with the episode. I was trying to piece together the significance of Annie scratching her shoulder twice. One time she touched the scratch with the hand that had previously touched Polonium so I was just waiting for something to come from that and it never did. Either that was a poor excuse for a cheap decoy plot or it was just dropped and inadequate writing. I just didn't get the purpose of showing it so much if nothing would result from it.


One thing I forgot to mention. I thought Parabo hit it out of the park several times during her exchanges with Danielle, one of which is when she is next to her "spy safe" and places the passports and foreign currency on the side with a barely perceptably trembling hand (this is a huge moment of revelation done perfectly) for her sister to see, and then says, "I'm a spy ... this is my life". It was portrayed with exactly the right mix of vulnerability and firmness. Second time was when she replied, "I'm good at it ... I love it." She laid her life right out in the open for her sister in a way people seldom ever do, with perfect candor, and played the part perfectly.


What was the name of the song they Played during the extraction through the soup kicten?


ethnicity and high testosterone levels are huge factors for chest hair. probably irish,definitely male,bailey is gorgeous as is. no wax,please. would be a total bore if all guys looked the same.
i would have reacted in a similar way as danielle,especially to protect the girls. ben's madly in love with annie too but the puppetmasters(campbells) ruined that relationship,as well as jai's career. awful people. piper's really been rocking these past three episodes. love her annie again. wish piper a nice vacation.


I would have to disagree about Ben. Annie and Ben should be together but as for him being hotter than the Dr.?...ummm I don't think so. He needs a chest wax!

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