Does Chuck Have a New Girlfriend on Gossip Girl?

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It's that time of year again.

Fans devoted to Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair - who are not even together right now - are again seizing upon supposed evidence that there's another woman in the mix.

Fret not. While Blair remains engaged to Louis, her feelings for Chuck will be a big issue this season, and he does not have a new love interest in the works, according to E!

So things are looking mostly up right now. Those photos of Chuck and Blair? Pure chemistry.

Those photos of Chuck looking like he's dressed up and ready to meet a special someone on the street? Maybe he just bought something nice for this guy ...

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Chuck, Dan and Gossip Girl return to the CW September 26.

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Yes! Chuck having a new love interest has never worked for me. This thing with Raina was such a waste of time. At least the guys who gets together with Blair actually fits with a good storylines. Chuck needs to fight for Blair and get ready to be a father!!!!!!I really hope Blair is pregnant and Chuck is the father.


I really love how the title is "Does Chuck have a new girlfriend?" and then you scroll down and see Chuck and Dan. Hahahhahaha.


please no Dan/Chuck friendship. I think that will be ridiculous, if anything he'll probably confront Dan about what he wrote about Blair -it's more his immature nature.


Bromance time! ;)


The present has a dog collar in it and in another picture I have seen there are two little dogs in the background :)


Thank goodness there have been way too many chicks already for someone who proffesses only to be in love. with one . The dude needs a break and should probably work on his alcohol/daddy/mummy issues lol. The best way he can show B he loves her is to become someone she deserves. Then again he's cute a little naughty and I hope he doesn't change too much lol. ; P


That picture DOES seem to suggest that...




TV Fanatic please don't scare me like this, I almost had an attack reading that headline and when I ran to read it the news was actually other thing, a good one actually, he needs to focus on himself for his own good.


I think that it is good that Chuck does not have a girlfriend
Because if Chuck was not with any woman during the summer and he is still a bachelor it is something that can make Blair happy
I refer that now Chuck is alone of Blair

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