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After teasing us in the opening credits for five years and four seasons, Jaime Paglia and his team finally delivered an episode where buildings and objects in downtown began to float in "Up in the Air."

This was one of the funniest installments in awhile, with the pinnacle being Carter’s “Someone put her in front a a cartoon!” when Holly said he could lick the safe-deposit boxes if he wanted to, but it would be weird. It had me laughing to the point of tears.

Carter reaction to a robbery

On top of the awesome dialogue, we had Colin Ferguison’s physical humor. I don’t know if Ferguson has been practicing his pratfalls or if he spent the last few months watching reruns of Three’s Company, but when he turned on the gravity generator, the way he went down would have made John Ritter proud. 

Nestled in among Carter’s antics was Lupo doing her best Marine Drill Instructor routine for the physical fitness training. Perfect flow and humorous insults all around.

These scenes were also a cute reminder of how Lupo was in the first season when she was just a gun-toting ex-jarhead. They made for a nice contrast to the well rounded person she is now. 

Is there anyone who doesn't think Felicia Day is absolutely perfect as Holly Martin? Day has always played the adorably quirky character well. However, Holly feels like it's completely natural. It's like she's a missing family member from GD. We really needed Dr. Martin, the bridge between Carter's non-tech goofiness and all the big brains. I really hope the powers that be take notice of how well she fits in and can encourage her to stick around for another season... or two... or three. 

In contrast, while I enjoy Will Wheaton as Dr. Parrish, he's very one dimensional. Parrish doesn’t feel any different than his other characters, such as Colin Mason from Leverage, Fawkes, from The Guild or even himself as he faced off against Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory.

The only real drama this week came from Allison having time gaps and memory loss. While I knew Beverly was behind it, I didn't see the twist coming that Beverly has been controlling Allison complete, or at least took over complete control recently. 

Clearly Beverly wants something from GD (when doesn’t she?). Time will tell what that is and if she gets it. I wonder if we could send her to Titan to stay! 

I'm really looking forward to seeing how things begin to pan out for the Astraeus Mission and, of course, to my new favorite couple - Jo and Zane - in the next few episodes. 


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It's funny you mention Ferguson's physical comedy. There was a scene in an episode from a few seasons ago (I can't remember which one) in which Carter gets zapped by something while at GD and immediately collapses in midsentence. It was so funny I rewound the scene several times and even played it in slow motion, all the while marveling at the skill required to pull it off. Felicia/Holly... Wonderful!!!
It didn't even register, until I read Atlas' comment about Henry breaking the kids' baseball bat after asking if he could "borrow" it, how rude a thing it was for Henry to do. LOL! How mad do you think the kids were?


Hi Elizabeth Marie, You are thinking of the character Barry Kripke played by John Ross Bowie on Big Bang Theory. And yes, he was a great Nemesis! Personally, Wheaton's nemesis persona is funny/enjoyable _once_ as it's a "one trick pony" it gets old very quickly when producers try to bring him back over and over, well... we already know what happens.


Floating cars and buildings, finally! Huzzah! Holly! Hilarious! The end is a bit confusing when you take into account the blackouts. Parrish has to go, I agree. All his recent roles are just a caricature.


I have only ever liked Will Wheaton in one show--Criminal Minds. He did psychotic killer really well. Every other time he pops up on a show I hate him. I don't know if it is the characters that they ask him to play or if it is the way he plays the characters. I mean someone can be a nemesis and not be someone you completely hate. For example, Nathan Stark. He was Carter's nemesis for the first 2 seasons, but he wasn't unlikable--actually i really liked Nathan and the interplay between him and Carter. Another example, is the guy with the lisp on Big Bang Theory (character name escapes me). He's annoying on there, and he is a pain in the ass, but i don't groan whenever I see him show up in an episode (of BBT or White Collar, where he plays Neal's nemesis). An even older example is Spike from the earlier seasons of Buffy. Because of his history with Angel and his intentions to kill Buffy at every turn he was a big nemesis (not as big as the Master, the Mayor, Glory, etc, but still a nemesis), but whenever he showed up I couldn't help smiling. This is because his episodes were always the most entertaining.


Felicia was interviewed on Attack of the Show on Monday, and she mentioned that the character was specifically created for her, so that explains why it is such a perfect fit. So to demonstrate the Jeep's new coating, Henry borrows a kid's baseball bat and immediately smashes it in half on the fender. That's kind of a dick move -- the kid probably wanted his bat back in one piece.


I think the best part of this episode was Colin Ferguson's physical comedy, hands (or in this case body) down. I even remarked to my husband that I would love to have seen how some of this was shot just because of all Colin Ferguson had to do. I can only imagine how taxing it must have been getting into and around in the floating bank. FYI...loved the use of the medicine ball as a floatation device.
I agree with you Jim G., Will Wheaton's bad guys are very flat...all the same. I understand wanting to show you have outgrown Wesley from Star Trek NG, but he seems to be getting stereotyped as an arrogant, cocky nemesis always trying to one-up a series regular. I hope for his sake something better comes along...soon.
Like you, I knew the neural implants had something to do with Allison's memory gaps, but I did not foresee Beverly actually controlling Allison. That was well done by those in charge. I find it interesting that Beverly is always a "bad guy." You would think in at least one timeline she would be a nice person. I guess not in Eureka! I do wonder how they are going to reveal her involvement...should be an interesting arc.
I don't know how thrilled I am with the Jo/Zane thing. I did find it revealing when Jo told him that in the other timeline they were not friends first, it felt like she realized that is a necessary element if it is going to work. The idea of Jo and Zane helping each other get on the Astreaus mission is really a good way to take their relationship slowly and let it grow.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Holly: Have you seen this?
Fargo: I did just give it to you.

Henry: [breaks bat on Carter's truck] I hardened it with a resilient, super hard, dense coating.
Carter: A science I can get behind.
Henry: Actually, I did it because I was just tired of fixing it.