Falling Skies Season Finale Preview: An Impending Attack

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A major secret behind the Skitters' identities was revealed on Falling Skies this week, while viewers are gained insight into Weaver and finally met up with Karen again. In a disturbing manner.

How will these revelations affect the first season finale? It will air for two hours this Sunday and focus on the planned attack against the alien structure in downtown Boston. Look for Tom to struggle with Annie's discovery, and for the motives of the occupying forces to be revealed.

Check out the official TNT trailer for the finale now:

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Didn't like movie at first. Just kept watching. Had a feeling something like what happened last show would be.
Are they going to take this off the air like how they did with. The Gates. Forgot channel it was on. Yes, they said it was returning till I looked it up. No Gates. And that was very interesting. Wish that would come back on.


I'll admit the show had a slow start but something kept me watching and it paid off as this show is a wee cracker potentially as good as walking dead which I also love.

Saad khan

Lets be Honest, we watch Falling Skies bx we Miss "The walking Dead" sooo Bad.. otherwise its the dumbest sh*t came out of Steven Spielberg.

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