Glee Season Three Spoilers: Michele Bachmann Who?!?

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Glee has revealed a couple major casting scoops over the last two days:

  1. LaMarcus Tinker will come on board as a love interest for Mercedes.
  2. Vanessa Lengies has been cast a a student named Sugar.

And now, courtesy of a cast chat at last week's Television Critics Association press tour, we have a couple of storyline scoops. To wit:

Sue and Becky
Shot of Rachel

Sue Sylvester will be running for Congress, a spoiler previously announced. But Jane Lynch elaborated a bit in a discussion with The Hollywood Reporter:

“My character is continuing her campaign for Congress on the Sue Sylvester American Liberty Ticket and she’s going to be more right-wing than Michele Bachmann, at this point."

Lea Michele's Rachel, meanwhile? It's all about the musicals, amateur-wise and professionally.

“I know that she’s going to be in the school musical,” the actress said. “I have some awesome story lines with Darren Criss, Chris Colfer and I’ll be singing a lot of Broadway, as always.”


I think it will be very intresting for A Rachel/Blaine/ Kurt story line again




Why do the writers insist on giving her the most boring songs to sing.honestly its infuriating. Though she may not have the best voice vocal wise (Mercedes tops that list), it still is something to be reckoned with and is too special for slow ballads that tend to suck the life out of anyone who hears it and/Or put them to sleep. She needs something gritty and dramatic to add personality to her voice

Gaby ee

Hopefully a musical with Rachel, Kurt and Blaine!

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