Gossip Girl, 90210, Nikita & Supernatural: Super Sized!

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Great news today for fans of four CW favorites:

The network has ordered additional episodes of Gossip Girl, 90210, Nikita and Supernatural. The first two will now air 24 episodes over 2011-2012, while the latter pair picked up one installment and will air 23 total.

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Why is this not the case for The Vampire Diaries? That show simply takes longer to shoot and produce.

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I love all 4 shows, so I'm glad about the news! 23 episodes of TVD also would have been great tough!


90210 really? I was sure this show wouldn't get that many episodes because let's face it the acting is terrible, the storylines are awful and did I mention the acting sucks? but yay I am so happy for GG. Chair forever!!!


"to silly girls" i agree with half but still I dont watch gossip girl but the only reason I'm on this page is because of Nikita, not everything in this page has to do with GG


That's the best news I heard all day!!! :D


I just hope this doesn't mean we are going to get shorter seasons, the year after--assuming there is a year after, for all of these shows LOL


Yes! I'm so excited,that Gossip Girl will have more episodes! I hope, that in this coming season we'll see more Georgina, and a little less drama. I also can't wait to see who is pregnant!


That is awesome:)


I'm glad for 90210, Nikita and GG!
i think this will be the best season of 90210 yet! can't wait for september


I'm glad that 90210, Gossip Girl and Supernatural all have given additional episodes. I'd prefer if Supernatural got 24 or so, as I want those 6 episodes back that were taken from us fans during the 2007 writers strike.


you are so ridiculous "jenny" and "lady". If you don't want to watch gossip girl, no one is forcing you to. Get over yourself, no one is interested in your negative opinion. If you aren't fans of GG, what are you doing in this page? Don't have anything else to do with your life? Haha

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