Gossip Girl Caption Contest 168

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Welcome to the 168th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is natalie. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to leanne and Aquariuz. Thanks to everyone for playing and good luck again next week!

Photo of Blake and Leighton on Set

Serena: Look at us! We should never gave Dorota a day off!!

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Gossip Girl: B and S trying to relive their school days....epic fail girls, epic fail.


Blair: Told you S, straightening your hair all the time makes you have bacon hair.


Blair: See S, I sleep with as many guys as you do and I look fresh as a daisy
Serena: Don't blame me, blame my mother who also has done that! Its genetics!
Blair: Sure blame, the genetics. Its your choice to sleep with the majority of the major, recurring, minor and special stars of the show.


Serena: One peep out of you Missy will get you in the corner!
Blair: ....then try to act your age, Miss. I Sleep with Too Many Guys and my Youth is Gone.


Leighton: Here Kelly let me help you down the street
Blake: I'm not Kelly Rutherford!
Leighton: Oops, then stop looking like a combination of Jessica and Taylor and having a daughter named Tanessa


Leighton: I am trying to be nice to you Blake. Your hair looks (choke) nice.
Blake: My hair defines my personality
Leighton: More like an oversexed whore to me


blair: your hairs a mess you should of used some hair serum serena: at least my hair doesnt look greasy blair: that was soo harsh


blair: serena where have you been you were gone 15 mins ! serena: i was... blair: you were making out with dan again wernt you serena: *ashamed* yes how can you tell blair: your hair


Blair: Oh my looks like the rodent has returned
Serena: I am not Vanessa or Jenny
Blair: Then the common use for hearing what a hair dryer is, is not your definition


Blair: Did you get any sleep at all Serena?
Serena: After doing Dan, Nate, Ben and a new love interest for this season, I am ready for a power nap...
Blair: Aww its a natural rhythm. I bet you S, by the end of the season you will be chasing Dans' tail feathers, then clawing onto Nate, then another new guy.

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