Gossip Girl Scoop: Dan's Feelings For Blair Remain

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The good news for Gossip Girl fans who yearn for more Dan-Blair action?

Dan, like the actor who plays him, Penn Badgley, is reportedly all for it.

The bad news? Blair is reportedly having none of that.


According to TV Line, any romantic feelings on the Dair front will be one-sided in Season 5.

When the show returns Sept. 26, "It’ll be clear that Dan still has feelings for Blair, but the future princess of Monaco is still having none of it," writes Michael Ausiello.

Whether Chuck has a better shot with B remains to be seen, but it looks like Dan and Blair are squarely on the back burner for now. As for Dan and Serena, well ...

Anything can happen, right?

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finaly sumthing hs cum around in GG! was starting 2 get realy tired of the whole Blair/Chuck thing..so go Dair!


i really like DAIR too...........DAIR Forever!..


oh gosh..i rily miss the tandem of dan & blair


Come on skinny love, what happened here?


Seriously, Dan and Blair needs a shot. I mean, they're the only one left that didn't dated each other. Not unless, if Chuck wants to date his step-sister Serena. LOL


@Lady Woah.. is that really the biggest spoiler ever? Now I can't wait for few more days. F*ckin GG. haha! I love


@ A: You do realize that Blair wanted Nate before Chuck since she was like a child and Nate and Blair dated for an undetermined amount of time in their teen years before Blair broke up with Nate and started her affair with Chuck? Speculations aside about Chuck and Blair's subconscious feelings towards each other, the only thing that we know for a fact is that Chuck came to be registered in Blair's romantic radar 2 days before her 17 birthday and not years before that, that was Nate's place, at least that's the only thing that the show is proving with its images and storyline, our ideas about everybody subconcious feelings are what we are trying to read in the show subtext. And I'm not saying every single TV character has to end up with who they loved as a teen, it simply just happens sometimes and some other times it doesn't, this is entertaiment after all and sometimes people want to see stuff that is not realistic and other times they do. Ross loved Rachel since they were teens but he then felt in love with his first wife in college and forgot about Rachel, Rachel refused to register Ross in her radar when they were teens and it took all the years and plotlines in Friends storyline to get them togehter. Chandler and Monica met when they were in the last bits of their teen years and she midly liked him as a logical reaction of a girl with almost no dating history liking a boy with she has the opportunity of interact, he came to like her the year after that when he saw her all slim but the damages was done and she didn't wanted anything to do with him, and after the pinky finger incident they became friends and where friends for a lot of years and had a lot of relationships before trying anything together, and even though the start of that was unexpected they handled everything else in their relationship at a really nice pace. Phoebe didn't ended up with a teen love, Joey also didn't in his spinoff, Jessie and Becky in Full House met when they were adults, the kids of Growing Pains had their couples as adults, Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway in E.R. they were adults, Luka and Abby in E.R. too, Mark and Elizabeth in E.R. too, Neela and Shane West's character (sorry I can't remember the name right now) too. There's variety in TV land and sometimes people wants to see these love affairs that started when one of them or both where teens and other times people like love affairs that started when they were both adults, and it doesn't have to do with the public being teenagers or adults, I know of people in this site and in my personal life that are in their thirties and like Chuck and Blair. My mother was entering her sixties when she watched The O.C. with me and liked Ryan and Marissa and Seth and Summer. At the end, everything is a question of the viewers preferences, and just a you prefer Dair, others prefer CB, I get that and I'm gonna be respectful with your opinion but I cannot share that view of Dair being equal to Seth and Summer, and even accepting some similarities between Blair and Summer and Seth and Dan like I'm willing to do at this moment, I cannot agree with the idea that this should mean Dair is meant for each other the way Seth and Summer where, after all there are also differences between Blair and Summer and Seth and Dan, as it should be since Dan is a character on his own and so is Blair.


@pty Dan and Blair can remind us of Seth and Summer even if their stories aren't precisely the same!
It's ridiculous to say- oh, but Seth wanted summer since he was 10 and Dan only started wanting Blair now.
So what???
There are still similarities between the two.
This whole idea that in a show characters should end up with the same person they wanted at the very start is stupid. Characters should be able to evolve and mature and change their minds, want different things, different people.
People saying that Blair wanted Chuck since she was 17 and so will love him for the rest of her life (!) scare me. That's why I assume the majority ot them are teenagers still because as a teenager you believe you'll actually love the same person forever (I remember I thought that) but as you grow up and fall in love again, and again, you realise how naive you used to be.
I think it's great for the characters to realise that what they thought they wanted all along is not what they neccessarily want anymore and be surprised by wanting things they never expected to want- now that would be exciting.


They are not like Seth and Summer for one fundamental reason: Seth knew that he wanted Summer since the beginning, from before Ryan entered his life, he was in love with her since they were around ten! In GG timeline Dan only showed a similar behaviour once, it was towards Serena at the beginning of the show, when it was also revealed that he had been pinning for her for almost two years (this comes from the books), and this was also further confirmed by him in following episodes! If the show wants to rewrite history now and pretend he wanted Blair or lusted after her while pinning for Serena since freshman year like they seemed to insinuate in the finale (though I doubt they'll actually will do that) then that's one thing, but we all saw what happened when the show began, and it wasn't Seth and Summer 2.0.


They are EXACTLY like seth and summer. :) loves it!

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