How Long Will E.J. Stay at NCIS?

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Sarah Jane Morris' E.J. Barrett, who caused quit a stir this spring, will return for the NCIS Season 9 premiere. Will she stick around the agency beyond September 22?

"There's a new wrinkle in [Tony and E.J.'s] relationship, and I would say it is somewhat troubling," says Michael Weatherly (Tony), in an interview with TV Guide.

"I think Tony questions a lot of things about her," the actors says. "And I don't think there's any going back to their initial blinky-blinky, lovey-dovey plot."

Tony and E.J. Photo

That doesn't necessarily guarantee major Tony-Ziva developments, though.

"Tony ultimately has to lean on himself. He has to figure some of his own stuff out," Weatherly says, adding, in open-ended fashion, that this "might make him more able down the road to approach a relationship with Ziva."

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Seeing as hoe Ej took the microchip and did not turn it in until Tony confronted her and she was caught by the ever so professional Ducky which we all knew Ducky would find out! She did not tell Tony that she was sec-nav niece and that is why she thought she could do what the hell she wanted.And if she was shot at the end I assume she was wearing a vest like Tony regardless she left Tony in the alley way and disappeared.Ziva would not have left him behind.Ziva did not rape anyone-Do you know what the word means?Saying rude words does not make your point.Ziva did not date a serial killer she was undercover as Gina and Gibbs and Mcgee was following her.She did sleep with Michael Locke and he was not guilty it was Tony who kept on tormenting her about it and when she gave them her gun to check and it said he was innocent Gibbs made Tony call and tell Ziva and tell her he was wrong!


I don't know why, but I seriously dislike the character E.J. I hope she doesn't come back.


why not IZiva like Icarly since what happen to Icarly is what going to happen to NICS when Ziva and Tony become a iteam


Wonder if we should come up with a cute new nickname for Ziva from when she bedded a suspected serial killer, since Ej (who actually liked Tony) is being called nasty names for having relations. Any suggestions?


let me say one thing bobby i like your name for EJ


LOL EJ a shower tramp where your proof and How real professional was Ziva when she Rape Tony or Lie to Gibbs not Once but three times and Tony not a fratboy he A adult with feelings and flaut just like normal people he not Super perfect like that Ziva who treated the whole team like her bitches for 5 years


I for one will be glad when the shower tramp hits the road!Her character sucked.Tony character when he did that scouring around for a piece of ass in the shower at work!! That is real professional and who would take this fratboy seriously.No wonder his popularity dropped to number 7. Now they are going to rewrite his character to make us think we been reading him wrong for 8 years.Give me a breaK.I used to like Tony and Ziva together. When he broke rule 12 with Ej which by the way was his superior. There will be no going back for Tony and Ziva now.If he and EJ don't work he will never date another NCIS agent!So they can double talk all they want it will not happen.I say when the show comes back I hope Ziva has a husband!Really would like to see (Aussie) Paul Leyden. They would be awesome together!Enrique Muricano has another show coming out so Ray probably would not be marrying type.I am wondering who the lady is that Ziva begins to see as a mother figure? Wondering if it is Ray mother?HMMM.Believe Kort is the one trying to kill Tony.The preview says Tony has to kill the pirate Johnny Depp-Kort the only one with a patch I know!I don't care how they rewrite Tony he will either be A Gibbs either way they do not need two Gibbs.I was suprised when I read the ages of the characters-Mark Harmon 60,Ducky 78,Michael Weatherly 43,Pauly 43,Sean Murray 34,Cote 32.I like Michael Weatherly he is a good actor but I think he is a good director maybe he will go behind the scenes.Really starting to dislike his character.Hope it is better next season.By the way Ziva has said nice things to Tony-She said when he said he did not want to hurt Jeanne and Ziva said that is because you are a good person Tony!You can not deny it if you want but she has always had his back during investigations!They work excellent together more so then Kate ever did!I also like Ziva takes up for Mcgee and they have a sweet friendship.Mcgee has the honesty and sincere way about him and they talk.Besides you people who will not let the Ziva stuff go-She told Tony she was sorry and he forgave her.What else do you want.They are all friends on the set they say they are like family and that shows.


why oh why do you lie all the time michael


Yes she left because she piss she did not get away with murder again


dont worry claire ziva still at NCIS she will never leave wouldnt be the same without her.