How Long Will E.J. Stay at NCIS?

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Sarah Jane Morris' E.J. Barrett, who caused quit a stir this spring, will return for the NCIS Season 9 premiere. Will she stick around the agency beyond September 22?

"There's a new wrinkle in [Tony and E.J.'s] relationship, and I would say it is somewhat troubling," says Michael Weatherly (Tony), in an interview with TV Guide.

"I think Tony questions a lot of things about her," the actors says. "And I don't think there's any going back to their initial blinky-blinky, lovey-dovey plot."

Tony and E.J. Photo

That doesn't necessarily guarantee major Tony-Ziva developments, though.

"Tony ultimately has to lean on himself. He has to figure some of his own stuff out," Weatherly says, adding, in open-ended fashion, that this "might make him more able down the road to approach a relationship with Ziva."

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has ziva left and why? i a bit behind in uk? x


So last night I heard that the reason Tony and Ziva get together is because Ziva was working with the agent that Tony Killed


michael if you only knew who i am.


LOL hey Janet real mature but not really that shocking you are a redneck


i agree with you nicole dont like EJ and vance just doesnt have the sparkle he should for you michael i am proud of you at last you wrote a comment with no spelling mistakes well done.


Understand me At least i don't Lie like you janet


I love NCIS, can't stand E.J or Vance, hope E.J doesn't last long and Vance gets moved on soon.


oh michael if only we can understand what you write.


did you all hear that done cote was asked why she trun NCIS into Dawnson creek with guns


forgot to tell all you cote fans she was nominated for an alma award well done cote you deserve it.