How Long Will E.J. Stay at NCIS?

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Sarah Jane Morris' E.J. Barrett, who caused quit a stir this spring, will return for the NCIS Season 9 premiere. Will she stick around the agency beyond September 22?

"There's a new wrinkle in [Tony and E.J.'s] relationship, and I would say it is somewhat troubling," says Michael Weatherly (Tony), in an interview with TV Guide.

"I think Tony questions a lot of things about her," the actors says. "And I don't think there's any going back to their initial blinky-blinky, lovey-dovey plot."

Tony and E.J. Photo

That doesn't necessarily guarantee major Tony-Ziva developments, though.

"Tony ultimately has to lean on himself. He has to figure some of his own stuff out," Weatherly says, adding, in open-ended fashion, that this "might make him more able down the road to approach a relationship with Ziva."

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congratulations cote de pablo for winning best actress on tv yesturday at santa monica.


Gibbs should get all the big dramas and stories and Tony too the show about them not Ziva who had all the big dramas and stories for the last 5 years


annie921 your latest comment was well written and i agree with most of it lets hope season 9 will bring us all that we are looking for in NCIS.


I like NCIS and I like almost all the charaters everyone expect Vance I don't count EJ as cast member. Anyways I would Like to see Tony and Gibbs father a son relationship more and I want more episodes about Abby and McGee and less of Vance I don't know why but I don't like him. I like Ziva episodes too, I want more of Tony Abby and McGee.


I guess I still watch NCIS, janet, because despite the decline in the quality of writing, I still enjoy the performances of many of the actors on the show. I also have hope that with SB apparently no longer setting the agenda, the show will improve. GG stated in an interview that he thought that the Gibbs/Tony relationship was the most important in the show. This relationship was severely diminished under SB's reign. The result, IMO was a show with more forced and formulaic writing. All the characters were reduced to having a small handful of characteristics and remained trapped there. He kept trying to fix Ziva after the Aliyah, with the result that she has no clear characterization anymore, due to all the do overs. He gave us weak link Tony, snotty McGee, baby Abby, psycho Vance, and pushover Gibbs. I just want to see the characters get back their multi dimensional characterizations, and see all characters getting their share of drama. I'm tired of Gibbs, Ziva, and Vance getting all the big dramas and stories. And if the spoilers are any indication, it looks as if this may be the direction the show will go in.


NCIS is it Broken NCIS need to get rid of the cancer its dying with Ziva


tiva you are so right you cant fix something thats not broken


You have to be a blind sheep to see there not issue


I don't see anything wrong with NCIS I like it how it is expect for the EJ NCIS is fine.


why do you bother to watch NCIS annie921.