Jamie Lee Curtis Joining NCIS For Two-Part Story Arc

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Jamie Lee Curtis will appear on a pair of November sweeps episodes of NCIS, sharing scenes and possibly sparks with Mark Harmon's Gibbs, according to TV Line.

In a two-part episode, Curtis will play Charlotte Ryan, a strong, opinionated career woman from the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Defense.

Ryan will spar with Gibbs and the team like never before, apparently, so “don’t be surprised if there are sparks between Gibbs and Ryan,” says Gary Glasberg.

“We’re expecting some real chemistry,” the NCIS executive producer adds.


The role of Charlotte Ryan will benefit from Jamie's shoot-from-the-hip style, Glasberg adds, noting that the 52-year-old Curtis "embodies everything we want from Ryan - humor, heart, strength, and a lot of fun. We couldn’t be more excited she’s here.”

How about you? Can you see her holding her own with Gibbs?

Season 9 of NCIS premieres Tuesday, September 20, on CBS.

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I was hoping someone would mention Freaky Friday, they had great screen chemistry in that movie why not on the small screen, looking forward to the sparks to fly between these two great actors.


Awe yeah. I love her and its kind of cool cause she was in Freaky Friday with Mark Harmon :)


that's cool it's kinda funny in SWAK taled about her in a fish called wanda, and in season 7 he talked about her movie true lies. she be great in the 2 episodes.


Hollywood's greatest body v. Hollywood's worst haircut.

Uncle jackass

Can't believe that Jamie Lee Curtis agreed to come on a military drama. Not complaining though...


one word.....ACTIVIAAAAAAAA!!!!!


what do soap opera fans not understand about growing up and moving on I would like for gibbs to hook up with the woman he was with on West wing


AWESOME!!!! Can't wait! Jamie is a fantastic actress and definately can hold her own with Gibbs!


I like Jamie and this should make for an interesting 2 shows. Gibbs need to meet his match, he's such a player, It would be good to see him do the chasing. Let the cat have her day, the dogs allways getaway with the bone. LOL


I like her but I csn't see her gettin' the better of Gibbs. We'll see what happens. Looking forward to the new season.

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