Jason Momoa Speaks on Conan the Barbarian, Sequel

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Game of Thrones viewers know him as Khal Drogo.

But movie goers will soon associate Jason Momoa with the iconic role of Conan the Barbarian, as he takes on this character in a 3D August 19 release.

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The actor, who has already penned a screenplay for a Conan sequel, spoke with our friends at Movie Fanatic about the film.

"This Conan project wasn’t something that I was actively looking for - circumstance led me to it. Actually, I got Conan because of Game Of Thrones. With Game Of Thrones, that was something I loved, from the script to the source material, and I had to have that role. Once I got that, I was more than happy. Then the opportunity to audition for Conan came about, and I couldn’t pass that up."

Read the full interview with Momoa at Movie Fanatic!


Whoever claims Arnold was the best Conan, should read the books. Momoa was truer to the character than Arnie ever was.


Do A Conan Sequel !!! Jason Did A Better Than Arnold as Conan!!


I do not care what other fools say. this was a perfectly good action movie and the guy who played him stayed pretty accurate to the Conan character from the conan comics. I enjoyed it I HOPE THEY'LL MAKE IT'S SEQUEL!!!!

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