NCIS Season Premiere: A Heavy DiNozzo Episode

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Given the mysterious assignment he was handed by the new SecNav at the end of last season, and the NCIS Season 9 spoilers we've read so far, it's hardly a shock that when the CBS hit returns September 20, Tony will be front and center.

“It’s a heavy DiNozzo episode,” says Cote de Pablo (Ziva) to TV Line.

But what does that entail exactly?

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Look for the NCIS season premiere to put Tony through the ringer.

“He goes through the mill,” she adds of our favorite special agent, adding that “Watching him try to get in touch with his emotions is a really beautiful thing.”

We couldn't agree more. If grappling with all his emotions gets to be too much for him, Wendy Makenna will return as NCIS psychiatrist Dr. Rachel Cranston.

Makenna appeared last season in "A Man Walks Into a Bar," an episode that saw the team being evaluated, and served as a tribute to Kate, her little sister.

Sarah Jane Morris will also return in the season premiere as E.J.

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What is the name of the actress that played the schoolgirl that lied about her age in the first episode the other night. Please help me ,I have tried to see on credits, but that didn't work .


I absolutely love every main character on the show, a little concerned about what is going on with Vance, hopefully he will mellow out a little this season and even get on the same side as Gibbs once in awhile. I also wish they would do some episodes centering around McGee, it's like since his body size went down so did his screen time. Pretty soon he won't even be a main character on the opening credits. They are all my favorite, however don't care for EJ's role and the fact that it put a wedge between Gibbs and Tony. I agree that they have not done a great job with Tony's character, but I also think all these's Ziva haters need to get over it. She was a great addition to the cast. I love her story lines and that they can do a lot with her past in creating new story lines. I'm hoping Tony has to kill EJ and then we get to see him come to grips with that. I hope that they make Tony more mature but still keep his funny side. I would love to see Diane Neal come back with CGIS and maybe have her and Gibbs get together. So glad to see Ducky getting a girl this season. Hated to see Franks killed off last season, and hope to see Fornell some this season. Just really excited!!!


Well said Cathy. Couldn't agree with you more. I too am a bit anxious that my excitement over the spoiled "DiNozzo heavy" premier is premature. The two things that could ruin it more me, is if, as you said, it says that it's focused on Tony, but winds up being about Ziva, or that he is portrayed as making some dumb mistake. Tony hasn't really gotten to be a hero since they decided to turn him into the team's weak link, so that Ziva and Gibbs would be the only agents with skills. I'm really hoping that GG brings super competent, funny, clever, and heroic Tony back. I've missed him.


I really don't know how anyone can complain about Michael Weatherly (or Tony) by saying they've had enough of him. Really? Because the show I have been watching for the last three years has centered mostly around Gibbs (which is obvious since he is the leader) and Ziva. Ziva's is there/is there not a romance with Tony - definitely not to me - or if he wanted to be with her or got with her then we could add that to the long list of incredibly stupid things that the writers have made MW/Tony do in the past few years in order to make Ziva the superwoman of NCIS. Ziva's supposed father/daughter relationship with Gibbs - are you kidding me? She never once acted like Gibbs was like a father to her until he cornered her about Ari and her lies - then she ran the "father" thing by him because of Kelly. Don't buy it. Anyway, moving on - Ziva's best buddy relationship with McGee - can't they give that poor guy a better story line? I mean, really, if I feel for any fan about screen time - it would have to be McGee fans. McGee is one of the major players as far as crime solving goes, yet we hardly seen him in the closing episodes and when we did he was either getting with a girl or hanging with Ziva - his bestest new buddy. TPTB are forcing all of these Ziva relationships down our throats when really, they could pair her with the one person that she has had a nice relationship with from the very beginning and have a wonderful scene. That's Ducky. Ziva and Ducky's little tea together when she was upset about losing the woman in "Witch Hunt." Their falling into the water together in "Frame-Up." Their friend to friend chat in "Good Cop, Bad Cop." Out of everyone, Ducky as the most concerned about Ziva and the scenes never feel forced into the show for "effect." Anyway - back to this Tony heavy episode. I am trying to look forward to it, as he is my favorite character, but I am not going to get too excited. Any Tony fan out there knows why I am saying that - how many times have we gotten excited about a supposed good Tony storyline, only to have the ball dropped? Or get excited about a "Tony" episode, only to find that he is spending most of his time acting like an idiot (which he is not) and watching Ziva flirt with his dad (Broken Arrow). I am really hoping that GG remembers his words in the Baltimore interview - that he agrees with Michael that Tony is being written as stupid instead of the clever, humorous guy he was in earlier seasons. That Tony is being written as incompetent, when he has always been very smart and as Gibbs said, "The best young agent I've ever worked with." Would Gibbs say that about an idiot? No. So, I'm hoping they do straighten up and if the end of season 8 was any indication, I'm beginning to hope. I also hope that GG remembers saying that the Gibbs and Tony relationship is very important - it has been non-existent in the past few years and I am really hoping that comes back as well. In fact, I noticed in the last few episodes of season 8 that not only is that relationship showing up again, but also the Tony/McGee brotherly relationship - not the one where one or the other is mean in order to be "funny." Glad to see that as well, since McGee and Tony are my second favorite scenes to watch (Gibbs and Tony being the first), along with Tony/Abby and McGee/Abby. And even the scenes with Tony and Ziva - the being there for each other as partners thing when Ziva was worried about Ray - was very nice to see. So I am hoping that this episode is as well done as Jesse Stern's TorC - my favorite premiere of all time. If so, I am sure that Michael will do a brilliant job as usual. When they actually give him something to sink his teeth into, Michael is an outstanding performer.


It's not really Tony's (MW) fault that the writers choose to write him as the clueless bu++ of every joke. In the DPB days, he was written with a sense of humor. but was also written as an extremely gifted, intriguing, and multi layered character. He is written that way to highlight how super duper Ziva and Gibbs are in contrast. Over the last 3 - 4 years, all the characters have been over simplified and have become pretty one dimensional. Tony - team weak link, McGee - smug, snarky, Ziva- super hero/victim, Gibbs- lone wolf/daddy, Abby - needy/genius. I hope now that GG is running the show, no one will be perfect, and no one will be stuck being wrong all the time.


Way, way less of the irritating, always 14-year-old Tony and much more the the master, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Love his developing relationship with his father. Also, let's see more of Ducky (so glad he's still on TV, I loved The Man From U.N.C.L.E.), Abbie, McGee and yes, Ziva. She is given so little to do that to some she is boring, but she's great when her character is developing.
I'm glad there are more family members of the team in some episodes so we learn more about the leading characters. Even Robert Wagner was far more interesting than his son Tony, so I hope he's back this season.
But Mark Harmon is the glue that holds this show together and may it last at least as long as "Gunsmoke" which was only on because there was nothing else to watch.




I haven't read one good thing about EJ so I'm assuming that she goes the way of Hart. Personally I feel season 8 was not up to par with other seasons. I am thrilled to hear that Ziva willl have a major arc at the end of the season with a mid eastern women that maybe her mother. Anybody other than Robert Wagner again .


Just too much Tony in the last season. I do appreciate that every character has a moment in the sun but please lets move on. Lets get the most popular character Pauley Perrette. As a matter of fact I think Tony is with McGee at the end of the line.


Sarah Jane Morris was a horrible actress on Brothers and Sisters and fired. The major arc season unfortunatly was ruined by EJ. Gratefully she will be killed off in the first episode and unfortunatly we have to live through another DiNozzo meltdown (father left him, lost his voice, women reporter he didn't know died, women he dated killed herself must be because of him, etc. But yes DiNozzo does not lose face because Gibbs had steaks with him. Boy did they ruin the Tony character this year. I think the purpose was to give him a major arc and make him seem strong but they did the reverse. If there is never another episode of Tony (my old favorite ) I will be thrilled. How about some Gibbs romance, some Abby (the most popular female character on tv) and yes number 2 Ziva. I od'd on Dinozzo in season 8 and really would prefer to send him on vacation.

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McGee: All right. Well you should probably know that Abby and I used to date?
Bishop: Ew. Like, each other?
McGee: Yeah.
Bishop: Wait - isn't that a violation of rule 12, never date a....
McGee: It was a long time ago. After we'd broken up, one night I went to her lab. Found a scribbled piece paper; a list. Potential boyfriends had to fulfill certain conditions by a pre-arranged date or else, goodbye.
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