NCIS to Introduce Ziva's Mother?

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We've learned a lot of Ziva's father, played by Michael Nouri, and how he shaped the woman she is on NCIS. But what about the special agent's mother?

Cote de Pablo tells TV Guide that she wants to move away from stories about Eli David and introduce some motherly love to her character's backstory.

She may get that chance in the show's upcoming ninth season.

Ziva Looks On

"Ziva will be dealing with a Middle Eastern family, and the matriarch connects with her in a really interesting, personal way," says executive producer Gary Glasberg.

Sounds like Ziva could use the support, too.

"Someone from her past we haven't met before is coming forward," he says. "[Also], Ray will probably come back halfway through the season, and they will intersect."

Who do you think will come forward, and how will Ray's story arc evolve in the coming season? Could it be Ziva's mother who is introduced - possibly in flashbacks?

Share your comments and theories with us below.

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You people should start watching episodes properly, seriously THERE WAS NO FILE!. And Jen did a good job of lying and pretending to not know about them when Gibbs got blown up...if there WAS a file...and what would Ziva and Jen do with this file hmmm??? fire Gibbs for having a wife and daughter who were killed by a mexican drug cartel leader? duh


creoO qe ya era hora de algo maternal con ziva ES INCREIBLE, LA AMO.!! y quiero que ya se encuentre por una vez con su verdadero amor ya sea tony o ray


Does anyone actually watch these episodes.. There was no file people....


KimBrady couldnt of said it better.


or of his 1st wife Shannon


no Jenny had no clue that Gibbs had daughter of Shannon. Ari got the file and told Ziva and Ari killed Kate to get to his father Ari and Ari alone killed Kate.


The reason Ari Killed Kate was because Jenny gave Ziva the file about Gibbs first wife and child


Umm Ziva and Ari had diffrent mothers just the same father's and Ari thoght his Father had his mother killed thats why he killed Kate and wanted to kill everyone on team Gibbs until Ziva killed him saving Gibbs.


The only thing I want to know about the 5th most poplaur actress on NCIS is how she and Jenny Meant we already know that Ari Killed their mother and we know that Ziva and Ari both lived with her


While I'm excited to see more of Ziva, I wish they would have saved it for next season. Ziva drama has become a bit predictable. Yet, she IS the second most popular character, so of course she gets more attention on the show. I'd love to see an episode with Ziva's mother and Tony's father. That could be interesting!
Why don't they just make episode 200 into a family driven episode? Like, the entire team look back at their families and realize they are each others family?

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