NCIS to Introduce Ziva's Mother?

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We've learned a lot of Ziva's father, played by Michael Nouri, and how he shaped the woman she is on NCIS. But what about the special agent's mother?

Cote de Pablo tells TV Guide that she wants to move away from stories about Eli David and introduce some motherly love to her character's backstory.

She may get that chance in the show's upcoming ninth season.

Ziva Looks On

"Ziva will be dealing with a Middle Eastern family, and the matriarch connects with her in a really interesting, personal way," says executive producer Gary Glasberg.

Sounds like Ziva could use the support, too.

"Someone from her past we haven't met before is coming forward," he says. "[Also], Ray will probably come back halfway through the season, and they will intersect."

Who do you think will come forward, and how will Ray's story arc evolve in the coming season? Could it be Ziva's mother who is introduced - possibly in flashbacks?

Share your comments and theories with us below.

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Jeff - good for you for saying it so well! Everything you said I agree with times 2....
Ziva has made this show more than just a CSI procedural
Ziva is the 2nd most loved character on TV (after Abby)
Ziva has brought a lot of mystery to NCIS.
Ziva is amazing.
Ziva is well loved by fans.
Can not wait to see more of her family - any and all of them at any time.


Can you guys stop whining! We are getting backstories on McGee and Abby! Abby's back story might turn into a mini arc, omg! Just stop the damn whining.


I agree with Jeff and so do a lot of other fans


Me and all the NCIS fan agree with annie921


I like Ziva but they do show her family a lot more then the others but hopefully it's one episode and they show it in a good way not like her father. I don't know why but I can't stand Ziva's father as long as hes not on it am good. am not looking forward to see CI Ray again I like the Tony and Ziva thing but not with other ppl like with EJ or CI Ray I don't want to see these two at all this season but hopefully it's one episode with him too. I like Ziva tho shes a strong woman.


I too am totally sick of tragic victim Ziva backstory. I want NCIS, not the trials and tribulations of poor poor Ziva soap opera. Enough already.


i agree with everything you said jeff.


I don't want any more Ziva backstory...we've had hours and hours of Ziva's life story What about McGee, Ducky and Abby????


OMG can't wait to watch itttt


Maybe these will take her whining butt back home

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