New Glee Writer on Season 2: Akin to True Blood!

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This is not exactly encouraging.

Following a second season of Glee that often focused on songs and guest stars far more than consistent storytelling, the show hired a new staff of writers. One of the names that had fans most excited? Marti Noxon, who served as executive producer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Making Like Britney

Brittany recreating Britney? Clever or lazy?

We'll wait until new episodes actually air before we pass any judgment, of course, but read what Noxon had to say when TV Guide asked for her take on the "erratic" second season:

"I feel like that's my feeling to a degree about True Blood sometimes. But it's one of the reasons I love that show, because you go, "I did not see that coming. And I never would have!" Sometimes it can feel a little disorienting as a viewer, but I just love the element of surprise and that's what I loved about Glee's last season. "Yeah! Here's an entire episode where they're huffing at the dentist's!" It's also just always incredibly clever.

Really? Was it so clever to just have the kids dance along to Britney Spears? As opposed to actually incorporating that singer's catalog into ongoing storylines?

Noxon added that she'd loved to focus on the whole "Brittany-Santana thing" on season three, while saying of the creative process overall:

"I feel like if there's a mandate it's just about keeping it fun and keeping the characters true to themselves. Nothing revolutionary. Doing what Glee does best and doing it through the whole season."

What do you think, Gleeks? Does this make you more or less excited about what's ahead?

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