Nine Lives of Chloe King Exclusive: Andy Reaser Previews Finale, Team Alek vs. Team Brian

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Is Andy Reaser surprised by the fan reaction to Alek? Where might things go on season two? And what can we expect on the Tuesday night finale of The Nine Lives of Chloe King?

The show's writer/producer - he penned "Green Star" and "Heartbreaker" - was kind enough to sit for a revealing, exclusive Q&A with TV Fanatic this week. Those questions and answers are below...

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Were you given any restrictions on how closely your story had to follow those set up in the books?

No. The books are certainly where everything started, but TV fiction and book fiction are very different animals. We knew from the beginning that we would have to sustain Chloe's story for much longer (hopefully) than things go in the books.

We also didn't want people to read the books and feel like they didn't have to watch the series, because they already knew everything that was going to happen. So we took a "blue skies" approach. People can still read and enjoy the books, but at the same time, reading the books doesn't spoil the TV series in any way, because anything can happen.

Are you surprised at how adamantly viewers have taken to Chloe and Alek?

This was a bit of a surprise. We expected everyone would start on Team Brian and then migrate to Team Alek as the season went along, but the opposite has happened. People seemed to start on Team Alek at the beginning, but then as Brian's mystery has developed, Team Brian has gained a lot momentum.

How much does audience reaction affect the writing? 

Because of the production schedule, there's not much chance for audience reaction to affect our stories in any given season. By the time the series premiered, we were already shooting episode 8! There's a sense among a lot of fans that we just write and shoot an episode in the week between episodes, but that would be impossible  - especially given the incredible look of our show.

The writers room met for the first time in February. We spent the first two weeks coming up with our season-long arc. Then we were coming up with individual episodes, pitching them to the network and studio, writing outlines, getting notes, writing episodes, getting notes, casting, building sets, re-writing, scouting locations, hiring directors.  And that all has to happen before you shoot a single thing!

Then a whole other team has to edit the episode, find music, write music, mix and color-time the whole thing, generate special effects. From start to finish it takes about one month to complete a single episode. There was actually a time in the middle of the season where our (amazing) creator/showrunner, Dan Berendsen, was working simultaneously on ALL TEN episodes.

That said, WE LOVE audience reactions, and it's quite possible those reactions can factor into FUTURE seasons.

If, fingers crossed, you get a green light for season two, will the focus continue to be on the love triangle?

Most definitely, although it's going to play out very differently from season one (sorry, that's all I can say).

To this point, Brian's story seems disjointed and in the outer rings of Chloe's life. Is the idea to bring him closer to the fold?

Brian's Dad wants to kill the Uniter, and that's not the sort of thing that can remain hidden from Brian forever. In the finale there are going to be some pretty huge revelations in the Brian story.  I know it might seem like his mystery is very separate from Chloe's Mai world - but that's definitely not the case. In fact, his mystery shares a very strong (and very surprising) link to Chloe's world.

How much more Mai lore might we look forward to?

Going forward, we plan to reveal much more about Chloe's past and her destiny. But this is all so new to her, we didn't want to clobber people with it up top. I think the secret to what makes this show work is the fact that Chloe has her feet firmly planted in two separate worlds.  

On the one hand, she's a normal sixteen-year-old girl, and on the other, she's the destined savior of an ancient race. I think if we jumped into the deep end of the Mai world up top, it would be much harder to relate to Chloe. We want to ease our way into all that stuff. But you can expect more of it in the future.

Paul asked Alek a great question in "Responsible" - how many races are there? We know of humans, Mai and Jackals. Alek said something to the effect that every "god" had its own lineage. Would you expect to explore even more races and their interactions given more seasons?

Definitely.  But again, we're really careful about how much of this we see, and when we see it. We want Chloe getting involved in all kinds of different adventures every week.  So we probably won't introduce more than one or two kinds of mythical creature per season. 

Chloe's dad seems to know about her heritage. If he comes back, would that open the door for Meredith finding out about Chloe?

It certainly could.  We really tried to make Chloe's relationship with Meredith feel real, and if Meredith suddenly knew the whole truth about Chloe, it would be very difficult to maintain that. Meredith is so protective of Chloe, it's hard to imagine her letting her daughter go out and risk her lives each week. That said, Chloe is definitely changing, and she can't expect to keep that a secret from Meredith forever.  

Our hope in having Chloe almost get caught by her Mom was to address this, to have Chloe seriously consider telling Meredith the whole truth, but then to decide she's not ready to tell her just yet. So while I'm sure it will come up in the future, it's kind of been settled for the time being.

Also, it's very possible that Meredith knows more about her daughter than she's told her. She does have a box of secrets under her bed. Chloe could just as easily find that, as Meredith could look through Chloe's emails.

When will we get some scenes between Valentina and Meredith? If nothing else, their children are friends, so meeting would be a treat for the viewers.

I agree - that would be very fun to see! No plans for it this season, but moving forward, anything is possible!

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Please, I migrated from team Brian to team alek after the 2nd episode cause brian is just... Commentless.




I was actually really surprised by how quickly team Alek (myself alongside them) rose to the top and how few people were impressed by Brian - but then I thought about it and it made sense. Shall I make a list? - Brian is in college and Chloe is sixteen. Please. I mean, really. - Brian is a human and Chloe is a Mai, therefore, if they kiss Brian dies. Pretty big impediment. - Brian's dad is evil. - Brian knows absolutely nothing about Chloe's life outside of his relationship with her until later. - Brian makes some pretty dumb decisions, and he's generally clueless as to what's going on. - Chloe's crush on Brian is just that - a crush. Based mostly on attraction. She doesn't really think much about the practicality of all this, does she? May I state now that I don't dislike Brian - actually, I think he's a pretty nice guy. I just don't think he's a very good choice for Chloe. Now to list Alek's virtues. - You can see by the way he behaves around Chloe, even very early in the show, that he is very much in love with her. It can be assumed at this point that she doesn't really feel the same way (or at least, she doesn't think so) but that could change. - Alek knows pretty much everything about her situation, even if he doesn't think very much of it. And he's getting closer to figuring out her personality from talking to Paul. - Alek is a Mai. Therefore, no liplocking hindrances. - May I please also point out that Alek and Chloe were friends before they were anything else, whereas Chloe and Brian just tried to jump right in to liking each other. That's not a *bad* thing, per se, but relationships like that don't always work out well. Starting out as friends can help build a good foundation for a relationship. There are other things I could say, I'm sure, but those are just a few. And may I end with this completely opinionated and possibly inflammatory statement: Alek is way hotter. ;)


TEAM BRAIN . Alek is homely.Iyy .


does anyone like brian? he's cute and all, but how can he compete with alek? i seriously hope this show gets renewed and they focus more on chloe and alek


Team chalek!!! I love them I guess everyone loves alekso much Mose than Brian is because of how he acts but he's changing for Chloe, he is paso a Hot guy that's supernatural, he and Chloe Definitely belong together and did I mention he's hot?!?!? What more can you ask for???


Team chalek!!! Inlove them I guess everyone loves alekso much Mose than Brian is because of how he acts but he's changing for Chloe, he is paso a Hot guy that's supernatural, he and Chloe Definitely belong together and did I mention he's hot?!?!? What more can you ask for???


alek is so cute, tht i think tht is y so many ppl like him, plus th fact tht they truly belong togrther. i caught a glimpse in a sneek peak of brian kissing chloe in episode ten, if he does kiss her, he doesnt hav to die, he could just get paralized, remember? but alek is deffinately better thn brian. plus i looked up alek's (benjamin stone)real age and it says he was born in 1990, so tht makes him 20 years old


I think most of the people started as team alek but some of those who started as team alek moved to team alek too, so in this moment are probably less team brian than in the start. It's sad that Andy Reaser is still trying to force us to change the team! Thats not gonna happen, sorry. Team chalek!


If you notice in the interview the response about Brian's mom, I think they're hinting his mom is a Mai which would probably make him half Mai which means he can probably kiss Chloe and not die.

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