Pretty Little Liars Review: Dangerous Horse Play

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Man, how awful are the yearbook editors at Rosewood High School?!? They didn't notice that at least three seniors were members of an imaginary club? Unless A somehow slipped that bio nugget in at the last second.

Why not, right? She can break into cereal boxes and massage parlors (and fashion shows and cemeteries...). Why not a printing press?

Ready to Ride

I kid (mostly... Spencer should at least talk to the yearbook editor...) because Pretty Little Liars makes it so easy, but "Touched by an 'A'-ngel" raised a few interesting questions. To wit:

Is Aria's mom hip to her daughter and Ezra? I say yes. She definitely had an agenda when asking about Mr. Fitz and a student and seeing him with Spencer in that car simply gave her the opening to bring it up. But you noticed how she emphasized her disappointment in that kind of relationship, didn't you? Hurry up and come clean, Aria, because your mom outs you instead. It's always best to confess.

What did the N.A.T. club actually do? They see all?!? Okay. Did they build binoculars? Meet every week at the giant school telescope? It certainly seems like a strange thing to include in a yearbook, assuming the activities weren't school-related.

I'm hoping it's something along the lines of Ra's al Ghul in the Batman saga. They see all, they intervene when they think it's necessary in order to set everyone on what they believe to be a more righteous path. But I may be overreaching here.

Do you buy Jason's story about the photos? I do. I find it a very lame, forced way for the show to create suspense and intrigue over a character - but from the point of view of the story, I think he's telling the truth.

How smart is Spencer?!? A 5 on the A.P. Latin exam? Come on. That might be the most unrealistic part of the show!

How funny is Mona?!? She cracks me up. There definitely hasn't been enough Mona this summer season. Especially not enough Mona in a riding outfit.

How will Kate make Hanna pay? Easily my favorite development of the night. The show definitely needs a new antagonist because, I'm sorry, but A is soooooo played out. I laughed when Emily discovered the repetitive letters in her cereal and I saw the massage break-in coming the instant Ashley handed Hanna that certificate. A isn't surprising or suspenseful at this point because everything she does is completely unexplainable. Kate, however? She knows how to tame horses and she has a deep wallet? A scary combination.

Where the heck has Dr. Sullivan been?!? Seriously, they hyped her inclusion as a significant development this summer. But she's done absolutely nothing. We haven't seen her in weeks. She also needs a new hairstyle.

So, we leave this episode with a fresh enemy for Hanna, Emily on the verge of a breakdown, Garrett confronting Jason over their past and many questions that need answering over the yearbook's editing policy. I like it. I'm excited for next week. What about you?


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Spencer is supposed to be a genius. getting 5's on AP exams isn't that hard. I've never taken the Latin exam but if you're as neurotic and dedicated as she is it isn't that unrealistic.


So does everyone think this is IT for Jason and Aria? It seems like this has been building so it would be so anti-climatic if that's actually all there was. Clearly, Ezra and Aria's relationship is broken and all the kissing isn't going to make that go away.


Why would hannas mom be tormenting her daughter and her friends? She's not A. In the books A in the end turns out to be Alisons twin, which is one of the most stupid plot lines ever. In the show if A is Ali's twin how is she running around rosewood and talking to the dr without anyone saying "Wtf your supposed to be dead". This show and book is ridiculous but unfortunately I'm hooked. I'm hoping the writers can come up with a better plot.


So ive been watchin pll for a while now and really want to know who A is. At first I thought it was Mona. But now I think its Aria's little brother. I dont know wats sup wit the NAT club members, they all seem creapy to me, especially Jason. But where is Spencer's sister, I remember the episode she had a suitcase packed...i dont know she could b A too.


I believe anything is possible on this show.


Please, Hannah, you don't /actually/ believe that Hannah's /mom/ is A, do you? But, how did Jenna know that Spencer was looking at the yearbook if she can't see?


Spencer is starting to get annoying. They need to end the 'A' storyline cuz it's getting old. There are other better ones developing like Hannah & Kate that will be interesting. And an Ezra/Jason showdown perhaps?


Well Bee...if you paid attention then you would realize that they aren't going by the books on the show.


That's a good theory.
Hanna has some good comedic lines. She's the funniest of the PLL's. For me right now, Spencer is the most annoying. I'm just tired of her jumping to the easiest conclusion first. Isn't she supposed to be the smart one? And Emily just needs to just get a new facial expression...because the whole scared/sad thing is getting old.
By the professors do not go to college fairs at high schools. They send recruiters. That was just the dumbest storyline ever.
Still lovin' me some Jason. I love the mysterious, is he good or bad part even more. How cute was it that he was sitting on his porch, probably all heartbroken about Aria.
Thankfully Marlene King gave Jaria fans some hope in a recent article.


Hannahs mom isnt A, read the books. Then you will actually know who A is and can stop speculating about every person in the show >.

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