Pretty Little Liars "Touched by an A-ngel" Clips: A New Discovery

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Pretty Little Liars airs a new episode on Tuesday and, aside from a witty title ("Touched by an A-ngel"), ABC has been its usually tight-lipped self about what viewers can expect.

Based on the following clips, though, we can apparently look forward to...

  • A college fair.
  • Hanna running into an old friend.
  • More problems for Ezria.
  • A new clue into the life and history of Ian.

Check out the sneak peeks now and, as always, return to TV Fanatic soon after the episode concludes for a thorough review.

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Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Melissa: When did that happen?
Spencer: What...Caleb were friends?
Melissa: Really? 'Cause? I know how you like to shop out of other people's carts.

Spencer: Why is it so easy to fall back into old habits.
Toby: They're easy to fall into, that's why they're called habits.