Pretty Little Liars "Touched by an A-ngel" Clips: A New Discovery

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Pretty Little Liars airs a new episode on Tuesday and, aside from a witty title ("Touched by an A-ngel"), ABC has been its usually tight-lipped self about what viewers can expect.

Based on the following clips, though, we can apparently look forward to...

  • A college fair.
  • Hanna running into an old friend.
  • More problems for Ezria.
  • A new clue into the life and history of Ian.

Check out the sneak peeks now and, as always, return to TV Fanatic soon after the episode concludes for a thorough review.


Clip #1 - let's just save us a ton of anguish and realize A planted the yearbook, kay? Clip #2 - based on the clip, I'm not liking how they changed Kate. She wasn't uber-materialistic and fashion-y the last time we saw her. Clip #3 - How dare Ezra do what exactly? His relationship with Aria is illegal, and he was chosen/volunteered to man a booth at a college fair at the high school he used to teach at. Big woop - it'd be a bigger surpise if he wasn't there.


@LOve, we did meet Kate in an earlier episode, the actress went to another tvshow and was re-casted.


i have to say the whole "jason is A'" thing doesn't make sense. Think about it....was jason in Hanna's house when the money her mom stole was taken? or was he looking in the window of Ezra's classroom the first day of school when Aria got that first text? It wouldn't make any sense if he was A. It has to be someone who has been there since day 1.


Wasn't Kate in an earlier episode to? Hanna met her dad and her new stepmom and Kate was there to, but I can't remember Kate looking like that. I thought she had some more weight on her body. I can't remember which episode it was.


Eliza, Kate is Hanna's soon to be step sister, daughter of Isabel; soon to be step mom


do we know this Kate person yet???


I can't wait to see the episode. Toby is finally back!


wats the betting Ezera is in Ian's year book!!


I cannot wait for the history on Ian.

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