Ralph Waite, Tina Majorino & Carla Gallo Headed Back to Bones

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Ralph Waite is a busy man.

The 83-year-old actor could do worse as far as paternal roles. We recently reported that he will return to NCIS for the fourth straight season as Gibbs' father. Today, we learned he'll also be brought back to Bones this fall as the grandfather of Seeley Booth!

Booth and Grandpa

Gramps reappears in the fourth episode this fall, TV Line reports, when Booth “is faced with a family crisis,” according to executive producer Stephen Nathan.

Set to return in that very same episode? Tina Majorino’s Special Agent Genevieve Shaw! Also, Carla Gallo will reprise her role as Miss Daisy Wick at some point.

The status of Daisy's relationship with Sweets will remain “ambiguous” in the early going, John Francis Daley says. “They love each other very much,” he adds.

“I have the feeling - I don’t know this for a fact - that their [relationship] will be unpredictable.”

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What's your problem with Miss Wick?! She's adorable!! Are you telling me you don't like the fithteen seconds of Swaisy fluff once in a while!!!
Sue Ann you've got a lot of issues!!!!!


I wonder how Hank feels about the pregnancy? And i really want to see Billy Gibbons back, so Hdgins can get his son's name tattoed! :)


This post ruined itself in the same way each episode gets ruined for me each and every time Miss Daisy Wick shows up.
I agree with Sue Ann.. I too wish they had killed her off instead. I was happy to hear Gramps is back but now I'm overwhelmingly grossed out that she's back too.

Sue ann

It is always lovely to see the charming Ralph Waite. He does a nice line in fathers and grandfathers. Now, a great-grandfather, on Bones, I guess. Too bad they did not kill off the disgusting Miss Wick instead of the darling Vincent Nigel-Murray. Sorry to hear she will be back. She is right up there with Hannah and the lab director from the first season in the list of characters I can do without. I have some serious doubts about the direction they will be taking this program this season. I really wish it had been cancelled after Bones and Booth parted at the airport. I could have remembered a great show which died young.

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