Ringer Video Previews: Meet Sarah Michelle Gellar, Siobhan

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Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to television next month on Ringer, a CW series that depicts the actress as three characters:

  1. Bridget.
  2. Siobhan.
  3. Bridget pretending to be Siobhan.

Indeed, it's your basic twin-takes-over-the-complicated-life-of-another-twin-who-commits-suicide tale. What can we expect from these siblings? What were the challenges of taking on multiple roles? Gellar dishes on Ringer in the first video below, while the second takes us inside Siobhan's universe...

Check out clips from the series premiere NOW and remember to visit TV Fanatic all season long for the latest Ringer reviews, quotes, spoilers and more.


I love sarah michelle gellar so much shes amazing im a HUGE FAN!!! and i really want to meet her someday its my dream if i met her it would be the best day of my life


oh my goodness i love sarah michellegellar so much im a huge fan!!! If i saw her I would cry so hard she is amazing and my role model someday i really want to meet her because she is amazing!!!!


Can't wait for Sept. 13. Ringer sounds like an intriguing neo-noir mystery show and Sarah M Gellar is always a pleasure to watch!

Adrian eduardo bustamante pincheira

Man I loves me some SMG! She's awesome!

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