Robert Pugh Cast as Craster on Game of Thrones

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Robert Pugh is the latest actor to sign on for Game of Thrones.

On season two of the HBO drama, the veteran Brit will portray Craster, a questionable ally of the Night's Watch and the master of Craster's Keep, which lies beyond the Wall.

A character with 19 wives and numerous children, Craster is the father of the recently-cast Gilly. She'll be portrayed by Hannah Murray.

Robert Pugh Pic

Pugh has appeared in such movies as The Ghost Writer and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. As pictured, he also guest-starred on two episodes of Doctor Who in 2010.


I always imagined Craster to be a bit more...UGH. I like Pugh--he's going to have to drop his classiness a dozen notches or so, for this role LOL I really can't wait for season two :)

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