Robert Wagner and Ralph Waite to Reprise NCIS Roles

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Robert Wagner and Ralph Waite, two NCIS fan favorites as the fathers of DiNozzo and Gibbs, respectively, will be reprising their roles this season, EW reports.

Wagner, 81, has made memorable appearances in each of the last two seasons of NCIS, while Waite, 83, has guest starred in each of the previous three.

It's not clear if one or both will appear on the CBS hit before the show's 200th episode, which airs in January, but regarding that particular milestone, executive producer Gary Glasberg says "there will be a lot of faces involved” in the event.

RJ Wagner
Gibbs, Sr.

“We are planning a really unique and interesting episode of TV. I think it will be special for the people who have stuck with the show. We are putting a lot of time in it."

Who would you like to see on NCIS' 200th episode? What circumstances do you think bring the elder Gibbs and DiNozzo back this time around? Discuss!

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The last time I saw Gibb's dad was when the Mexican cartel woman came into his store while he was making candy and turned the 'open' sign to 'closed'. I can't seem to find out what happened next. Can anyone tell me"


I wonder if Tony Senior is going to be there for Tony this time because of his op.I believe he Tony will be maybe in a mental crisis a and senior will be there for him for once.Especially after their visit last time.I think Ej will be the one killed and Tony can not remember and what happened.I think Cade probably killed her but Tony will be blamed and the team will have to clear him!I believe that he probably got married to EJ though and that will be the suprise. I hope not but I just have this feeling. Just my thoughts.


in theory i think tony's mystery opp is ej herself that thing she extracted from levon's arm could be classified and secnav did say the agent was selling info please let me know if im on point with this theory

Heather moyer gendeloff

I agree with what someone else wrote. Love to see Sr. and Gibbs dad meet. And Gibbs dad tell/show Sr how to be a real father. Gibbs has already shown Sr that he cares more for his son than he does.


ah Gene...I agree with you....if only we could.
I already miss Mike Franks so much.


Bring back Muse Watson!!!


I just hope when Senior comes back Tony gets to do something besides stand around and look uncomfortable. In the last Senior episode, Gibbs and Ziva got more action and focus than Tony. What a disappointment.


Who would I LIKE TO SEE??? Why Captain Harmon Rabb,Jr. of course!! That would be an interesting episode all these years later. . . :)


I am really looking forward to the new episodes. I think it would be great for Gibbs Sr. to give DiNozzo Sr. advice on how to be a father. He and Gibbs had a rough patch but have made up and the two Tony's need to do the same. None of them is getting any younger. I just love the show and am looking forward to the new shows. But if Tony marries EJ I'll get sick and throw up, she is evil.


robert wanger dropped out of the NEW charlie's angeles due to other things.....i'm pleased to see that BOTH of them will be on again this season.....would LOVE for gibbs sr. to meet up with dinozzo sr. and show him how to be a REAL father. looking forward to the NEW SEASON.....come on Sept. alisa

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