Rookie Blue Review: Moment of Doubt

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It was time for equine training on Rookie Blue and those horses made things interesting for our officers, as "Brotherhood" brought loyalties into question and feelings to the surface.

This episode wasn't quite so Andy-centric, but it was satisfying nevertheless. Andy was working on her lone wolf status as she turned down her riding instructor when he hit on her. It was a smart move. She needed the time to clear her head and the training got her away from both Luke and Sam.

Andy on a Horse

Although... did you catch that lingering look at the station when Frank made them turn to the person next to them and remind themselves that that person deserved their best? Andy practically blushed and Sam couldn't take his eyes off her. 

I always appreciate having at least one good Sandy moment per episode.

Elsewhere, Noelle kept running from poor Frank. How could she say they didn't need to talk about it when she's the one who brought it up? I know, she was trying to avoid getting dumped before their relationship even got started, but it looked like Frank had other plans. Apparently the man knows how to kiss.

Mary found an interesting way to prevent a murder: she called in a bomb threat. Her boyfriend's gang affiliation really sent Swarek's radar spinning. And didn't he and Ollie make the best partners? I could watch an entire hour of just the two of them sitting in a car.

Loved how Traci was the one to pick up that Mary was pregnant. Once you've been there the symptoms become glaringly obvious.

What I really appreciated was how Jerry backed Traci. Even though he thought Mary was lying about her motives, he didn't dismiss Traci's take on it. He told her she was a good cop and to go with her instincts. I was never Jerry's biggest fan but my opinion of him just skyrocketed.

Then, we got to Dov and Gail. First, I loved the way she poked at him for being a mini-Swarek. So true and very funny.

I was expecting something different from this storyline. When Dov took too many pain pills, I thought his irresponsibility would put Gail in danger, but they went in a totally different direction.

The look on Gail's face when Dov told her that the only problem with his perfect girlfriend was that she wasn't Gail was priceless. Then, he rambled on about them getting married and Christmas morning with their blonde kids and you could tell Gail couldn't believe her ears. 

I was wondering if Dov would remember any of it but it looked like he did and now that's a moment he can't take back. Once you've said something like that out loud, everything changes, whether you want it to or not.

From there... oh, poor Chris. His old friend just got done using him and shattering his trust when he walked up on a moment between Dov and Gail. Not that they were really doing anything but the looks on their faces spoke volumes. 

Once that seed of doubt is planted, it doesn't go away, leaving us with the question: what happens next?


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The only bad point of pecksting is that chris , the more inocent and big heart guy that always helps others is going to be hurt ,dov was so funny high and Sam and olli make a better couple than sandy , but the horse theme was just a dead end , eigther will be in that unit , worked as a break from the drama and police problems but I want next ep be better ,to bad the season is ending and then a very long wait....


Call me crazy, but I always assumed that Gail wasn't a real blond.... Nevertheless, loved the Peckstein scenes and was actually happy that this episode wasn't so Andy-centric, even though I am fond of her character. One of the great things about this show is the dialogue...and it's generally at its most entertaining when Gail and Dov are interacting. The Sam and Ollie conversation was hilarious...seriously this show has the best lines! Seriously, I have not problems with Dov and Gail hooking up...i just never picked up on the chemistry with Chris (possibly because I don't find the actor very interesting, except for when he's going undercover as a hustler!). Traci and Jerry are always very cute to watch.


really enjoyed the episode. one big thing i noticed in the episode was that andy wasn't sitting up at the front with the other rookies but rather at the back with sam. not sure if it was set up that way because of the part that Best did - with the looking to the person next to you. that part would have been good if jerry was there too. :) so now we build up to the Sam-Andy thing. possibly sam going undercover from the previews, andy makes her move :) teehee - i've eaten at that pho place in the background when swarek and shaw got tommy. :) that leads me to shaw and swarek - omg they are so funny! after getting dim sum, then sam backs up the cruiser and shaw goes that way sammy! the interactions between shaw and swarek were great. it was definitely a change to see no through-out andy-sam interactions this episode except for the look to the person to the side of you in parada. but to see them sitting together in parade was nice - they were relaxed and smiling with each other. sam is helping her deal with the pain and possibly towards him, you can andy getting better and better from her recovery from the breakup from luke. first with the boxing last episode, officer lucas asking her out and get back into the saddle, and then next episode. @dasha - i'm definitely addicted, i even read fanfic about rookie blue


This was a great episode. Sam and Ollie were so funny! I hope we get to see scenes of them being roommates! Andy was so cute when she said she sucks at being a lone wolf and then Chris agreeing with her. Dov and Gail were great too! Loved everyone calling them Peckstein, even Chris did! I've always wanted them together so I'm glad it's starting to happen. They have great chemistry although I will feel bad for Chris. Maybe this is why he'll become badass! This episode was so good showing how close everyone has become!


"Here, Kenny, Kenny, Kenny!" - Hahahahahahha! XD


I really enjoyed this episode because it wasn't all about Andy. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Andy, but it was nice to have a break from her and her problems. And I LOVED the Sam/Oliver scenes. They cracked me up the whole episode, especially the part when Oliver was trying to talk to Sam about a personal problem and Sam was like "Go for it, brother. Shave that back." LMAO. And although I love Peckstein, I think that they should just remain friends. I don't want to lose the awesome bickering between the two! I am SO excited for next week's episode- we should get some good Sandy scenes!


This episode had me going for very different reasons. First of all, it's nice to have a breather from Andy, I love the girl and all, but I want to know more about the other rookies! You know, when I saw the promo I thought Andy was going to be her blockhead self and go out with the guy, but she took the mature decision. She's really grown up O: Noelle and Frank's interactions during the show had me talking at the tv the whole time, from "Yeah, you take that, you jerk!"; "You can't ignore him for ever gurrrrl!" to "Hot damn, that's a kiss!". I always hoped they would hook up (: Dov's confession came to us just like to Gail, out-of-the-blue and rather wtf. I like the chemistry between Gail and Dov, their bickering is always sizzling, but I prefer my saint!Chris with bitchy!Gail.


I love the noelle and frank thing as much as th next person but I thought noelle avoiding him was just a didn't work. They are both cops he is her boss you can't just avoid and ignore him AT WORK. It was a dumb and cliche Also the dov storyline didn't fit the characteristics of dov to me. Here is this guy who is so into his job and so proud to be a cop and he is going to take a bunch of pills and confess his love? They needed to build the relationship between Gail and dov more. Now what? It is going to be awkward Gail breaksup with chris then they have a secret relationship? It was so cliché. I love rookie blue definitely my favorite summer show this is the first time ive been disappointed by an episode.


Love this show and its dynamics! Loved this episode because it didn't focus on anyone in particular but gave all characters a chance to glow in their own glory. Sam and Ollie were hilarious, loved how they both picked on Luke and the last scene really cracked me up - where do you go asking me for relationship advice & i'm your new roommate. I absolutely love Oliver, he's my fav character. It's great to see Chris growing up, he's such a great guy. Naive, for sure, but definitely the person I would love to have in my life. Travis does great job with this character, can't wait to see him going all badass in season 3! My heart skipped a beat with Noelle and Frank's kiss ... oh my, Frank got me legs all wobbly on that one. He's clearly into Noelle and she has such a major crush on him, too ... they have such great chemistry, it's been so obvious ever since that episode with the two of them sitting in the cruiser making fun of Chris the Hustler ... I would love to see this story line going all the way for them, they're just so right for each other. Dove and Gail were hilarious! "You're higher than a kite" almost made me pee myself laughing. I'm not sure these two should hook up though, they're more like siblings, bickering and ranting at each other ... I would prefer to see him with Sue and her with Chris and have the two of them develop that special kind of boy-girl friendship than getting all lovey dovey on each other. Love Sue, she's so cool! I was actually holding my breath with Andy and Sam looking at each other ... the chemistry there was so genuine, these two must have so much fun doing this show together. I don't think we'll have to wait for much longer to finally see these two hook up. Team Sandy all the way here! Luke has lost all his charm for me, such a puss-wuss. I'm glad he didn't get much air time in this one, have seen quite enough of him in the past 7 episodes. I really like Traci, she's such a great copper. And I like Jerry as well, especially how he is with her - so supportive, encouraging her to do the best she can with what she has and who she is. He so much better for her than Dex ... couldn't care less for Dex, really. Team Barnash here too :) Loved Andy in this episode, she's dealing with all the shit and getting it together, admitting to herself she's not all that tough and allowing herself to feel vulnerable. Also loved how she brushed off the riding instructor (he's hot!) by being so upfront and honest. She was flattered that he asked her out though. Way to go Andy. Ugh, I wrote a whole novel here :) ... oh well, I'm hooked & it's getting worse with every episode lol

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