Royal Pains Review: Clear Communication

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Hank treated a little boy and his babysitter. Paige called Hank for help with her mother. Evan finally discovered the truth. One thing was for certain on Royal Pains this week:

"Me First" was an emotionally charged episode.

Hank and a Young Patient

There are few images that make my list of unforgettables. But when Evan proceeded to smash the windshield of Hank's convertible, I nearly croaked. We've never seen the mild-mannered CFO of HankMed act out in a more uncharacteristic way.

He should have stuck to pastry golfing. I know he put a distinct effort into making them, but it was pretty funny to see the goodies lined up on the green as he chucked them into eternity... or at least partly down the driveway.

I was relieved to see that the medical emergency Paige has tended to throughout this season was her mother and not some hidden pregnancy. While I think it's tragic that her mother suffers from such severe bouts of depression, I couldn't imagine what Paige was dealing with, and it was starting to bug me.

She really should have told Evan. He knows how to keep a secret. I don't think she should have been concerned with the health of the campaign over the health of her relationship.

Paige really is a good girl. She went above and beyond planning and managing her father's fundraiser. It is a lot of pressure to be perceived as perfect, and it was important for her to recognize that even her imperfections are something with which Evan is willing to deal. I think it's more than just dealing, I think it's his love. That's something we can all get behind.

In the meantime, I enjoyed seeing Hank interact with Simon. He really has a way with children. It was especially cute when he played super villain. I hope to see him as a super dad in the future. But I have no problem waiting on that.

I also have no problem waiting on Divya to enter into any new, potentially romantic, relationships. Van Dyke doesn't appear to be her type at all. Does that make him a perfect match for Divya? He's attractive, seems fun, but he's definitely awkward.

Next week is the summer finale. Looks like it's going to be another intense one. If nothing else, we know the drama surrounding Paige's mom didn't end tonight. We can only wonder what impact it will have on the future of Evan and Paige, and possibly for HankMed.


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You are much, much too involved. Is this real life? Are viewers simply puppets to commercial television? This can't possibly be real, can it? Life is much more than this. If you need fantasy, read Dashiell Hammitt for your mysteries. --Ron


Evan is terrible terrible terrible!!!! He ruins the whole show. I love how Jill always helps in some way. She needs more screen time, where as stupid Evan ruins everything or needs to be walked through anytime he helps. Divya needs to date for sure. I love Hank and how he always saves the day. This episode he proved he would make a great father in time.


I find it kind of funny that Divia needs to be a nurse to make extra money. Did everybody forget how the show started - Hank saved some random guest at Boris' house and he got a gold bar and a place to live. Divia delivers his baby saved him and she didn't get anything. I think that had to be worth a house and a few gold bars???


@Kris: What episode was 'Simon' in??? I need to refresh my memory... otherwise, pretty good episode.


I agree with all those that say Evan was a jerk, he was totally out of order, Hank didn't make him go and get suspicious with Paige and accuse her of cheating. Also how quick did they get back together, and yet somehow he still blames his Hank for actually doing the right thing and sticking to his principles and oath as a doctor. It really irks me that the writers don't have Hank really have a go at Evan at least once, putting him right in his place, after all Evan has done is bring up how he got him out of Brooklyn to come to the Hamptons, completely ignoring how Hank is Hankmed. I would love to see Hank instead of being the docile brother trying to look after Evans feelings and take into account how he feels, just point out he would be nowhere without him not even with Paige.
Saying that i did enjoy the episode always good to see Hank saving the day, and a nice set up for what i assume will be a interesting summer finale about Paiges mom.


Boy did Divya come off as spoil selfish rich gril or what " IM PERFECT ITS ALL MY MOM AND DAD FALUT" was a bitch and so was Hank to his brother first he lie to him about their mother death and now these.


Evan was a total jerk,-sorta selfish. Hank was so torn about not being able to confide in his bro.Feel sorry for Hank. Was fun seeing Dyvia on a date and actually talking about her parents and what they did bad to her.Hank was SUPER in dealing 2 issues at the same time.Everyone else did well! Love the program!


Is is just me, or is Evan getting even more selfish and egotistical than ever? He's been coming across as a major jerk for quite awhile now and is becoming even more unlikable. He needs to learn some boundries, especially with Hank, who is bound by patient/doctor confidentiality.


Evan was a total jerk!!!!! i felt so sorry for Hank. Was fun to see Divya actually enjoying herself. As for the rest of the show, it was fun to watch!!!!!!


I was so angry with Evan for the way he reacted in last night's episode. Hank didn't deserve much of it. I hope Evan comes to his senses and comes crawling back, apologizing profusely.

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