Scott Wolf Cast on NCIS in "Surprising" Role

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Scott Wolf (Party of Five, 90210, Everwood, V) is coming on board NCIS in a role producers say will contain “surprises” in the show's ninth season premiere September 20.

As the potentially recurring character of FBI Agent Casey Stratton, Wolf “will play an important role in this year’s season opener,” Gary Glasberg reveals to TV Line.

The show's executive producer adds, “Who he is and how he influences the NCIS team will come in due time, but I can promise you some unexpected surprises.”

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The new season will pick up four months later, then flash back to the events transpiring after the Season 8 finale, when Tony was given his mysterious mission.

“We’re going to start the show in real time, in September, look back all the way to May, and then jump through the assignment Tony was on,” Glasberg says.

NCIS won't waste any time setting the stage for an explosive season, either.

“I highly, highly recommend you not miss the first five minutes of the show,” Glasberg implores, adding that, in no uncertain terms, “it is going to start with a bang.”

We can't wait. Browse our NCIS spoilers page for all the latest scoop on the new season, and leave comments with your theories on Wolf's role in the premiere!

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I have been watching NCIS since the beginning and while I liked the Kate character I love the ziva character she brings out the more human side of Tony and the chemistry between the four of them is terrific. It is not the same show as it was in the beinning more has happened to all the characters. Kate was a great part of the show but did not have the same strengths as Ziva does and the comedy between all the characters is natural. We are all entitled to our opinions but there is no need to be rude or cruel either.


If you cant take other people Opinion leave


Please Editor don't leave this site Like Janet said we need ppl like you on this site not like some ppl on here.


no dont leave this site editor we need people like you not like the bozo michael.


You are so very right Janet. I do not think that there is any reason to bring religion into these NCIS comments. I think Ziva is a very very important part of the Team, but a small minority do not and are very vocal about it. That is their opinion and they are welcome to say it. However, it is also a fact that since I have been on this site Michael has continually bad mouthed Ziva's character. It is always the same. He blames Ziva for everything single thing that has EVER gone wrong on this show. He bemoans the fact that KATE is gone and the show will never be the same again! I am just simply tired of reading this "poor Johnny one note" Michael. I am now choosing to be on this site less and less and leave this foolishness behind. To be clear, I love NCIS and ALL of Gibbs Team.
Perhaps people will be happy to hear the end of me and my constant unfavourable comments about ej and CIRay as well.
Again, your opinion and welcome to it! ta ta


Agree the Humore has become very sexist towards men thanks to Ziva


I guess what is good is a matter of taste. I thought the 2nd season was the best season of all. The humor was clever, the dialogue witty, the team kidded but obviously liked and respected one another, and the characters were well defined and all were portrayed as skilled. The stories were quite clever, interesting, and tight. I think the last four years have seen a steady decline in the humor, the characterizations, the plot lines, and the bullpen banter is now snarky, mean, unfunny and unpleasant. Ziva and Gibbs get all the big dramas, skills, danger scenes, and stories. The other characters are relegated to making minor contributions, and Tony gets the added bonus of always being wrong and providing the so called humor, of self humiliation, week after week. No - the quality and IQ of the show has gone way down. IMO


I agree with Janet NCIS would work without Ziva the two season without her wasn't as good as it is now.


dont know why people bash ziva without her NCIS just wouldnt work and people stop bringing religion into it.


@KimBrady this is ridiculous! i am Jewish and i don't like Ziva's character. she is arrogant, i don't like how she treats Tony and she is just bland. Also, and i hope you will not all hate me for this, i find her not that beautiful. sure is is pretty but for everyone to go on about her beauty this much, you'd think she is Monica Belluchi!

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