Sebastian Roche to Stake Out Klaus on The Vampire Diaries

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Sebastian Roche is sticking around The CW, and this will be very bad news for Klaus.

The actor, who recurred as Balthazar on Supernatural until his death on the May finale, has landed a key season three role on The Vampire Diaries.

Sebastian Roche on Supernatural

According to producer Julie Plec, Roche will come on board as a "mysterious man who appears to be hunting vampires." He'll specifically have Klaus in his sights, which will actually frighten the ancient Original.

"For some reason, Klaus, who shouldn’t be afraid of anybody, seems to be concerned about this person," Plec tells EW.

So, is Roche's unnamed character the major villain on tap for season three? It doesn't sound that way.

”He is big, and he is bad, but I would dare not say if he is the true Big Bad or not, trademark Joss Whedon,” Plec teases. “If you’ve learned anything from the Whedonverse seasonal-structuring school like we have, then there might be some bigger and badder people coming [later].”

Roche, whose impressive resume includes stints on 24, Fringe, General Hospital and Criminal Minds, will show up within the first nine episodes of the new season. Where do you stand on this casting choice?

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His face looks creepy,bt y would klaus be frightened abt dis guy,him(klaus)as d oldest nd strongest of vampires shuldn't be afraid of any1,any way it's gud 2 c klaus dead,bt dis hunter should nt try nd kill stefan too in the process.

David and sabrina 2014

This guy is going to be part of a big role on the first 9 episodes of the season. It's weird that Klaus is afraid of this guy when he's somehow the oldest and fearless vampire. If this guy kills Klaus, I'll be definitely happy with him, but if he tries to kill the Salvatore brothers,then he might be a problem. All I want him to do is kill Klaus and Katherine and then run off to go find other vampires to kill in different towns. The season will become more huge to see good miracles happen. =)


Who is this?! Why would Klaus be "frightened" of him? I've seen this guy before, he doesn't act very well and he's absolutely feral! God, I hope he gets killed off soon. At first, I thought they had cast him as Eric, but this guy looks too old to be a "middle-aged hottie." And if people want a reason as to why he should not be badder than Klaus: Well, firstly, this guy's acting skills are below...what The Vampire Diaries needs. If he's gonna be worse than Klaus, he'll be really bad and Sebastian Roche can't act to save his life, and there's nothing worse than a bad person played by a bad actor.


He was good in Fringe.


Horray for the Joss Whedon shout out! :)


I love him love him,great addition to the vampire diaries,,


Ecellent! I've loved this guy since Roar.

Gaby ee

I don't want Klaus to be scared of anyone. He's supposed to be the big bad guy and I love him that way.


He's a great actor, love the casting choice! He plays bad very very well!


Love the "Roche" addition to VPD....european cool!!!!! and he is not to be considered "old" not everyone on a CW show can be fourteen. If you want talk old as in reality old....Ian Sommerhalder and Paul Wesley are both then getting long in the tooth by CW standards.

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