Sex and the City Prequel: Coming to The CW?

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Might Carrie Bradshaw be making a return to television?

Insiders tell Nellie Andreeva of TV Line that The CW is in discussions with Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie) to bring The Carrie Diaries - Candice Bushnell’s novel about Bradshaw as a high schooler - to the small screen.

Carrie Diaries
Selena G.

A similar rumor - with Selena Gomez (pictured) as Charlotte, Blake Lively as Samanta, Emma Roberts as Miranda and Elizabeth Olsen as Carrie - had been going around about the book being turned into a movie. But that is now unlikely to take place.

Would you watch the TV version of a Sex and the City prequel?


hai super


Please don't ruin our lovely memory of Sex And The City. With CW production, it's just another gossip girl like endless boring and mindless drama cycling.


That show belongs to hbo, handsdown no question


I am with @Whateva. The show is know for it's MA nature and going really high when it comes to sexual exploitation. The Parents Television Council (PTC) would have a field day with this being put on The CW. It's best off on a TV station like FX, HBO or Showtime.


I have issue with the fact its going to be on the CW (given the dialogue of the Sex and the City CW would not allow it and the whole point was those girls did real talk) and the fact the movies actually showed how they all met each other already. Samantha talks about the past quite often and so are they going to tame it and tone it down. Then what's the point. Go to HBO with it where Sex and the City belongs cause the whole point of it was not to censors women like network tv and basic cable does. I mean Style and E! censor all the funny lines.


Good idea but not liking the choice for the cast. Blake Lively is probably the best one but the rest aren't appealing to me.


I can see Selena Gomez as Charlotte and Blake Lively as Samantha, but I don't see Emma Roberts as Miranda. As for Elizabeth Olsen, I've never heard of her, but I Googled imaged her and I'm 50/50 about it.