Shonda Rhimes Speaks on Grey's Anatomy Storylines, Scenarios

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The season finale of Grey's Anatomy left things in flux at best, in a state of disrepair at worst. When the upcoming eighth season picks up five days later, many questions will remain.

Rest assured, Shonda Rhimes is here to answer them. Or at least tease us.

Below are some excerpts from her recent chat with TV Guide:

Best Friends on Grey's

On the theme of Season 8: "This is our last year as residents for Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Jackson and April. It feels like it's a new beginning in a lot of ways."

On how contract situations influence storylines: "I usually start planning my seasons [by planning the last scene first]. This year, we just don't know."

"I pitched eight different scenarios for the end of this season, but we don't know which ones we are writing to. So right now, we're concentrating primarily on the first half, then we're going to concentrate on the second half as a separate shock."

On whether any of those eight scenarios involves a series finale: "I don't decide when the show ends, but I can't imagine that that's going to be true."

On Alex: "We're going to watch Alex both grow up and backslide a little bit. I think he starts off in a real bad place, like really behind and nobody likes him."

On Meredith: "What Meredith did has real ramifications for her job and for her relationship, both in her personal and her work relationship with Derek."

On her marriage: "It's not really about Meredith and Derek breaking up forever. I think people's marriages get screwed up. People have to work to fix them."

"They'll struggle. They're grown-ups, and what's nice about this is that it's about more than that now. They have a child and they're in a more mature place."

On Cristina's pregnancy and her previous pregnancy: "What we liked about that, and what I felt really strongly about that, is that Cristina (Sandra Oh) has always had a certain stance in how she feels about having kids."

"That stance doesn't simply change just because she's married and in love with Owen. I think that there's something interesting when someone absolutely doesn't want children. I find her to be a very interesting character."

"People get vilified for that in our society and I think it's really unfair because I feel like if someone doesn't want a kid, they shouldn't have to have one."

On April and Sarah Drew's pregnancy: "April Kepner is a virgin and we'd have to work really fast to get April unvirginized, pregnant and having a baby. That feels a little insane, so I don't think we want to speed that story up."

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I really have no sympathy for Owen at all in this situation. They discussed that fact that Cristina didn't want kids before they ever got married and he agreed that they wouldn't. Then he tries to say that he just thought she would grow up and change her mind. Who the hell does that? If he had been up front about his feelings from the beginning then maybe they could have resolved this issue by now. Either by not getting married, or one of them convincing the other the change their mind. He's put her in an impossible situation and is treating her like crap when she's never been anything other than 100% honest about her stance on this issue. I hope she dumps him even if she does, for some reason, decide to keep the baby.


Horray! It looks like Shonda won't be letting Yang have the baby...hopefully ;)


Love will only get u so far. He knows she's not perfect ,& he shouldn't expect her to b, I mean he's not none of us are. & I agree that this more about mer hurting his ego than anything else. But guys he shouldnt just come back for Zola & treat mer like crap , if he comes back well he needs to do it because he loves mer & zola


I think alex & mer could b friends again but he needs to do something big to have her forgive him, I think the writers said cristinas pregnancy will cause a rift in the twisted sisters friendship idk but it seems like maybe mer will turn to Alex because he said she would b a good mom which meant a lot to her.not calling her a bad mom like aka derek. She did do wrong with the trial but meredith always done what she thinks is right. & for the people saying Derek was right well judging the people u l


if Christina gets rid of that baby than her marriage is over, Owen will not forgive her for that!


Alex's character needs to be fixed - PRONTO!
Meredith and Derek need to get things back on track for their marriage, baby Zola and for the fact of having a biological child!
Cristina needs to get rid of that baby, as she is not a baby person, and even though her character has developed, babies are not part of that development.
I don't care about April or Jackson anymore. I just know that these two should just be paired together to spare separate screen time for them both!
As for it being the final season, I'm ready to take that on board, however, if there is a season 9, I need all of the original cast members to return, with the addition of Sara Ramierz, Eric Dane and Chyler Leigh.

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