Spoiler Alert: Look Who's Returning to Being Human...

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What's a little beheading when you're a royal vampire?

Syfy sources confirm to TV Line that Mark Pellegrino will reprise his role on season two as Bishop, despite the character meeting a rather gruesome death last year at the hands of Aidan.

Mark Pellegrino as Bishop

Pellegrino will appear on at least one new episode, likely via a flashback of some kind.

However, you don't need to wait until Being Human returns in early 2012 to enjoy this actor's work: he's currently appearing on The Closer in a very different capacity: as Brenda Johnson's defense attorney.

Neon glo

I look forward to more flashbacks, seeing our vampires Bishop and Aidan in other times and other "lives". I do get distracted studying their time-appropriate hairstyles and clothes, but it's fun.

Uncle jackass

I shall always have reverence for him as the character Jacob.

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