Suits Review: Specter v. Tanner

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Harvey and Mike remained "Undefeated" on Suits this week. So much for that Boston lawyer who came to town to defend a powerful petroleum company charged with failing to cap an oil well, which led to countless victims developing various forms of cancer.

Meanwhile, Mike found himself fighting to clear Rachel's name when she was accused of leaking a confidential list of plaintiffs to a rival firm.

Seeming Confident

In other words: Pearson & Hardman certainly had its hands full. Lucky for the firm, its best and brightest, mainly Mike and Harvey, brought their A-game, despite their tactful opponent.

We learned a little bit more about Harvey this episode. I always saw him as an athlete at some point in his early years, but who knew he played baseball? And had a good arm?

It was interesting to see Harvey have to play against a version of himself. It took him several tries to finally nail Tanner to a wall. The best part? He managed to keep it clean the entire way. There was no cutting of corners, no affidavits that could have been used to charge him with perjury later on.

And Harvey was adamant about conducting himself with dignity and honesty the entire way. Bluffing doesn't really count as lying, just as good tactics.

He may play the bad boy, but he does have standards and feelings (though far be it from him to really admit that). If I had a million dollars, I might hesitate to lay it on the line in a settlement loan. Harvey saw it as a necessity and did it.

Speaking of laying it on the line, Jimmy certainly did himself a disservice by framing Rachel to get ahead. Granted, he didn't know the number he used to send the fatal fax belonged to Rachel, but he shouldn't have been so naive as to believe Wakefield-Cady's offer.

Similarly, this episode was an important one for Rachel. Through and through, she did nothing short of defending herself. She demanded a raise, that the firm pay for law school, and even used her five years at the company as leverage against Louis to get him to utter the phrase, "I'm sorry."

I wonder who the last person was, if any, to elicit those words from Louis' mouth - and so gracefully! It was a difficult fight on both fronts, but Harvey, Mike and Rachel all played like pros, even when the going got tough.

Only three episodes left this season. I'm starting to dread the months without the show! Let's just take it a week at a time, shall we?


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It was good because Harvey came close to losing. Stupid/cringing line/writing with the old lady: "You'll be together soon." Skynet!


I think that this episode did take a nosedive. It was not as good as the previous one. I do like Rachel's new attitude. I want to see more of Donna. I like Harvey's character development. As for Mike, he is great. He may not have earned his Harvard Degree. Success in life has nothing to do with having a Certificate from Harvard. It just gets you through the doors. It is up to you to make a difference.


Love this show. It is fun, clever, and keeps me smiling. Glad to hear it is renewed for a season two. Hope we do not have to wait until next summer for the new series to begin.


i love the show and am sure it will be back next summer as necessary roughness. i don't think falling skies will make it, too many movies in the past & currently covering this subject. but regarding suits i record it and will watch it at dinner tonight.


Rosie, the difference between Mike and Jimmy's deceptions is that Mike's never lays the blame on someone else. Jimmy may not have known he had used Rachel's number but he knew he'd used someone's number; and whether consciously or not, he set someone else up to take the fall for his actions. Mike, whether taking tests for other people or pretending to have a law degree, risks his own neck. Mike's victory came with the realization that he doesn't owe Jimmy anything just because he likes him and because of his own questionable decisions. I liked how Mike was meshing better with the other associates and even starting to take on a leadership role with them. While, yes, he was a bit hypocritical with Jimmy (but what human being isn't a little hypocritical?), he's showing growth and comfort in his new life - he's not apologizing for or freaking out about his past anymore.


["Speaking of laying it on the line, Jimmy certainly did himself a disservice by framing Rachel to get ahead. Granted, he didn't know the number he used to send the fatal fax belonged to Rachel, but he shouldn't have been so naive as to believe Wakefield-Cady's offer."] Watching Mike coerce Jimmy into telling the truth about Rachel's codes was like watching an exercise in hypocrisy. Mike demands that Jimmy tells the truth, yet he continues his major deception about his lack of a law degree. I guess that's why I can't root for Mike's little "victory".


I don't care for the Red Sox either. (:

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