Supernatural Season 7 Promo: Kiss Your Cass Goodbye!

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On season seven, Supernatural will host a Buffy reunion, as Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters guest star. That's pretty cool news.

But will viewers be bidding farewell to a fan favorite, as well? Because that would be less cool news.

The CW tells us to "Kiss Cass Goodbye" in the following promo, which is interesting when you consider Misha Collins' response to a Comic-Con question about Castiel as the "antichrist." I tried really hard to keep that under wraps. That's kind of ironic. You'll understand when you see the first episode of the season.


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Where the Hell is Cass? My wife is having a breakdown.I haven't had sex in weeks! Used to get it once a week, (guess which night).




Everybody loves cass they can't jst kill cass he is a swit hrt and he is the only one who has the boys interests @ hrt even if he acts as if he is daft and thats the every rizon why we love him ... I may not stop watchiñ the show bt as sure as hell we will mis his character and the boys ranting wen calling him to help & most of all Dean teasing him around


castiel has declared himself god and from the clip where it shows a short part with death i cant help but think about the time when death was talking to dean and he told him that one day he will finally come for god's ''soul'' or whatever it was and seeing as though cass is the new god i think death is going to be coming for him after all death never said he would come for the real god just god in general?? whatdya think.. maybe this is why we can kidd cass goodbye :/


love supernatrual-my wife loves sam and dean-cass-mr.death-and others on the show--great show-xxxx


Cass no!!! I want Cass to go back to being an angel!! Even a fallen one like in season five!! We can't lose him!! WE CAN'T!!!


I love supernatural i can't wait for new season , I really hope that Sam and Den will make Cass to change i don't want to loose him. he is amassing character and it makes me stressed that they trying to change him ( I know that is just a movie but still I liked they way Cass was cute ,funny adorable and angel lol I want to believe that everything will ends just the way we want and I really hope that the end os season 7 Sam n Den not going to loose they memories as then I will be crap ( what do u thing will they that ?


Maybe the just mean kiss YOUR Cass goodbye. You know as in Cass as you know him.


we need our Cass we can't lose him. he's the angel that saves the boys and watches over them. his character is as important as dean and sam and Bobby on that show. with out him they would lose so much. So God has taken a vacation Cass would not be the next in line for the job it would be Michael come on. Don't ruin Cass's character. please keep the way we love him as our Cass


I have to say - I am not a syfy lover normally. But this show has converted me. I totally respect how they keep to the characters and theres very few mistakes (past things that were done and changed). It's kind of kick ass and all syfy and has the human element that just makes me love the characters. I have to say I put faith in the writers, that whatever their plans are, they will get it right and it will be cool! So there is no way I will prejudge, I say lets wait and see what they do and I bet it will be awesome! Oh and I just love the music!!

Supernatural Quotes

What is this, "The Godfather" with fangs?


You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with.