Survivor: South Pacific Cast, Twists: Revealed!

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Survivor returns to CBS on Wednesday, September 14, replete with a new cast, new twists and a new location: the South Pacific.

But, for reality TV junkies, there are a couple of familiar faces: Elyse Umemoto appeared on TLC's Miss America: Reality Check, while Whitney Duncan placed fifth on season five of Nashville Star. Also among the cast members below:

A lingerie football player, Mikayla Wingle, and a medical marijuana dispensary owner, Jim Rice.

Survivor: South Pacific Cast Pic

Jeff Probst, meanwhile, has announced a few changes to the game. He told Entertainment Weekly:

  1. Two returning players will join the cast and be announced later in the week.
  2. There will be hidden immunity idols with hidden clues: "Once you find the clue, then you have to find the idol," the host says.
  3. Redemption Island will return, but without the set-up of duel fights. It's one-on-one. Win or go home, contestants.

The rock hates (might be too strong a word but whevats) cena because cena disrespected him a couple yrs ago in various interviews for leaving wwe and all this other stuff. The rock obviously didn't like it, took it personally as an insult to him and his family and now feels the need to fight for his honor so to speak. That's about it.Though that is an interesting point of view about the whole seeing himself in cena type thing though I'm not sure that's the right angle too. Not to many people would be able to understand that. Especially the father angle, that would be something that could be used with orton only because his father wrestled too

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