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Teen Wolf dances are always epic. While "Formality" did not showcase Scott in a white suit going full wolf, like in the original movie, it certainly had enough excitement to keep the audience wanting more from the MTV series.

But, seriously, there was not a single person doing the patented Teen Wolf dance move? What a waste!

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Let's take a look at some of the highlights from the dance itself. First and foremost, there was Stiles getting Lydia to dance with him by spewing out a number of compliments, including the fact that she would someday win the Nobel Prize for Mathematics. It's great to see him get the girl, even if it was only for a few songs.

Then, there was Scott's interesting strategy to stay at the dance. Grooving with his gay friend so that the Coach will not want to look like a homophobic jerk? Difficult to pull off, but Scott backed his way into that one nicely.

Finally, there was Jackson in all of his drunken bliss, leaving the dance and heading out to the woods, where he proclaimed his desire to be a werewolf to who he thought was the Alpha. When it turned out to be Chris Argent, the poor child spilled all the beans.

I continue to love Jackson's arrogant humor, but he continues to fall deeper and deeper into the depths of evil. It's difficult seeing him recover from all of this.

Chris finding Scott in the parking lot either occurred because Jackson gave up the fact that Scott was the beta, or Kate told Chris she guessed it was Scott and all Jackson did was give up his friend's location. Either way, it was sloppy writing. In the first scenario, Kate's revelation becomes irrelevant. In the second, Jackson giving up the information isn't nearly as bad as they made it out to be.

Meanwhile, Scott and Allison rekindled their love affair, thanks to Mama McCall's advice. By the way, what kind of mother tells her teenage son to go after the girl? Shouldn't the correct advice be, "keep it in your pants?"

Scott pouring his heart and soul out to the girl, which included a massive "I love you," made the ending to the episode that much more interesting.

After Kate revealed the Argent family secret to Allison last week, I stated that I was excited for Allison to finally be in the loop. After the youngest Argent downloaded all of the werewolf information early on in "Formality," I pictured a fantastic arc in season two, where she helps hunt down the second beta while having no idea that it was Scott.

That could have been great, but thanks to Chris' attempted car crash in the parking lot, it will never be. Instead, we were witness to what was probably the most momentous event of the series: Scott jumping on both cars and revealing to Allison that he is, indeed, a werewolf.

As we move forward to the season one finale, and then into season two, the questions may become: Does Allison continue to date Scott now that she knows? Will she go against her father and aunt's wishes? Or will she join them in hunting down her ex-boyfriend?


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I am really interested with the Derek and Kate storyline. Her villainous character makes it more intriguing. Derek is broody and mysterious but clearly he was vulnerable when he was with Kate, it showed in the episode and that's a side of Derek we don't get to see. I feel their relationship is gold and is better than the canon Allison/Scott. Derek and Kate's past seems epic, we need to see a flashback of them being together and the fire.
Hopefully they will have more interaction before the season is over.


Kate is so annoying, all of that talking like Derek said, took the thought right out of my head and when she licked his stomach I was revolted and wishing he had enough electricity in him to knock her out, now that would've been satisfying. Hope this beauty isn't wasted on too much ab time. He's a decent actor - let him act instead of exploiting his looks. And Stiles truly courageous when he faced the Alpha on his knees to save Lydia. Umm is she now a werewolf??? I mean he mauled her right? Someone help me out here. Or are there female werewolves? Excuse me did someone say Scott should have dived under the bus? Why?? Because you want to watch 10 more episodes of the poor boy trying to keep it from Alison? Glorious reveal. Hope the Alpha destroys Aunt Kate when he tracks down Derek.


stupid channel seven in australia only shows teen wolf at 11.00 in the night :(

Kiki berkey

This was a great episode... I love Stiles... He deserved to have a good time especially with Lydia... Why did she have to go and find Jackson? If I had to choose between Stiles or Jackson I'd choose Stiles 10 times out of 10... Crazy Aunt Kate stepped up the crazy a million notches this episode... This may be an unpopular opinion but Kate and Peter make this great show greater because they are so evil... It's good to have villains... As long as the villains are portrayed right... Ian Bohen (Peter) and Jill Wagner (Kate) play the evil villain so well... I understand why they revealed Scott to Allison this soon... 1. It makes for a great season finale; which will include Allison having to choose between her family and Scott... (I hope she chooses Scott; Allison isn't as insane as her family. If she chooses her family she will be..) plus Allison knowing Scott is a werewolf adds to the story of Allison seeing who is really the bad guy (her family) and who is really good (Scott, Derek and Stiles) 2. The creators of the show weren't guaranteed a second season... So it's easy to see why they wanted to get it out of the way... Jeff Davis said there will still be cliffhangers in the finale and that he's happy they have a second season to resolve them...


I get that the final scene was the big reveal to Allison that the show has been building to all season. But wouldn't it been easier for him to dive underneath one of the buses. Wolfing out and jumping on the hood of 2 cars trying to crush you is not the ideal way to reveal to your girlfriend, who comes from a family of werewolf hunters, that you're a werewolf. Obviously a situation like being trapped in between 2 cars being driven by werewolf hunters is likely to get the adrenaline running and possibly cause him to shift. But Scott for the most part can control the shifts now and he could of dove underneath one of the buses


Great call by all of you mentioning the vet! I forgot about taking on that point in my review, but it certainly was an interesting development. I can't wait to see what he ends up being, and if it turns out to be a major factor in the finale or season two.


Yeah this episode was pretty great, but all I really want to know is what the he'll is the vet. The creator of the show, Jeff Davis said that vampires won't be in the show but he did say not to rule out other supernatural creatures. The vets not a werewolf, so is he a mystic maybe, a shaman? I don't know, but I hope we find out.


Most people hate Mondays. Because of Teen Wolf, I now love them. This episode was so amazing. I was thrilled that Scott finally told Allison that he loves her. I only hope that now that she knows he is a werewolf, she won't turn on him and become a psycho bitch like her aunt. God I hate that character. Can't wait for next Monday!!


cant wait for the season finale but i feel that its a bit way too soon to reveal everything. but then all of the episodes are really exciting and fun to watch. im kinda curious abt the vet though, i think he has mystical powers as well.


Good review! I agree with your reviews except for
Meanwhile, Scott and Allison rekindled their love affair, thanks to Mama McCall's advice. By the way, what kind of mother tells her teenage son to go after the girl? Shouldn't the correct advice be, "keep it in your pants?" because if you listened carefully she said something on the lines of: 'as long as you don't unzip that zipper after you tell her' all in all a good review and an exciting but perhaps dissapointing show; the reveal feels to early but i guess it heats up the action and tension pretty well and works with the targeted audience; teens cant wait for the juicy parts :P

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