The Closer Review: "A Family Affair"

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"A Family Affair" showcased Major Crimes doing what it does best: solving a major crime. This was done with little of the team's usual wit and all of the severity you would expect when dealing with the murder of the child a colleague.

Blood on Brenda

Handling of the case was done with the utmost class, and watching a mother familiar with the system dealing with her own loss was an interesting process. Her criminal methodology and parental instincts working side-by-side lent a completely different angle to the usual determination of the squad.

Intensity was the name of the game, as a routine search for the suspect turned into a shootout the likes of which had not been seen on
The Closer for several seasons. Brenda was visibly shaken and even more determine to find out what happened. 

It was a good twist when the victim turned out to be searching for her birth family, set to inherit millions. It never ceases to amaze me to what degree people will go to protect their fortune. Even worse was that she never asked for a cent, she just wanted to know her family.

Raydor spoke to Sanchez on the Turrell Baylor case, and in a frank discussion afterward, Sanchez told Brenda he believed they all knew he would die if he were let go. Not only did they know, but their hands were tied.

Whether they let him out in front of his house that day or months later, the result would have been the same, but the outcome could have included more victims at the hands of Baylor. 

That conversation brought us back to the episode last year when this all went down. The Internet was alive with disbelief that Brenda would take the law into her own hands, that by taking Baylor home she effectively gave him a death sentence. Was Sanchez right? Did the timing even matter? And what about further victims? Can you imagine being faced with making the same decision?

I cannot, but I don't think I would have made a different choice. If that makes Brenda a murderer, what does that make me? 

In the development we all knew was coming, Brenda finally admitted what Detective Gabriel asked when they dropped off Baylor. But since only three people knew the question, how did the attorney for the Baylor family get the answer?

Raydor sharing her thoughts of the department leak with Brenda lead me to believe we will finally see these two incredible women work together for the good of the division. All I have to say about that? Hallelujah.


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love the show...crazy how we turn this into real life situation. All the characters play their roles wo well that I hate to see any of them be the leak. I even like pope because of his farmers insurance commercials. The dash cam works for me


I can see Pope "hanging Brenda out to dry". Fritz has told her more than once to keep an eye on him. I'm not quite sure if the writers are foreshadowing future events or trying to use misdirection to keep the audience guessing. Both, maybe?


ETA: I think Pope is the leak. Reason being: He's been pushing for the investigation by Raydor from the getgo and Brenda was the other finalist for the LAPD Chief of Police job last season. If anyone would get that job over Pope, it would be Brenda as she was runner-up last year and chosen OVER Pope for the position.


By far the best episode of the season. It never dawned on me that there was another angle with the Baylor case. I do think Brenda will lose her job, but this twist(the leak) made it all that more interesting. Who here thinks Chief Pope will hang Brenda out to dry to keep his "acting" Chief job?


I totally agree with Sanchez's assessment. Baylor would have been killed eventually anyway and/or would have most likely been responsible for the deaths of more people. Despite going against my liberal nature, it's also my belief that certain types of criminals, ones who can't be rehabilitated such as serial rapists and pedophiles, should never be released from prison!!! When it comes to Raydor (love the actor, loathed the character at first) it would be nice to see she and Brenda working together. I am starting to like Raydor although I'm still not 100% sure about her loyalties. Her recent interactions with Brenda could be an indication of her "coming around" and seeing things from Brenda's perspective or they might just be indicative of the fact that due to Brenda's stubborness, Raydor is trying to handle her in a different way. Imagining Lt. Gabriel as a snitch is impossible. I have no idea who could have leaked the information about what he said to Brenda after dropping off Baylor. Maybe the car was equipped with a dashboard cam that was inadvertantly turned on. In that case anyone could be the leak. Taylor, the Rodney Dangerfield of the major case squad, seems like the obvious choice. I hope it's not him. He's grown on me over the past few years.


Well Sanchez obviously was not the leak since he agrees with what they done, Gabriel on the other hand had probs with it. plus we already saw him question her authority and go above her head when last season Brenda had a hard time facing her husbands past addiction to alcohol and it influenced her decisions while searching for the missing girl in the last season's finale.

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