The Lying Game Pilot Review: A New Hit?

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Is there any doubt that ABC Family has another hit on its hands? After just the series premiere of The Lying Game, I'm already itching for more.

First, major props to the author behind the series, Sara Shepard. Her other novel series spawned Pretty Little Liars, another favorite at TV Fanatic.

Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer

Next, let's all appreciate the adorable Alexandra Chando for playing both twins, Sutton and Emma. You know audiences simply can't resist an actress who can handle portraying two roles at once. (Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries, anyone?) Chando, particularly in the locker room scene above, gave off a serious old-school Mischa Barton/Marissa Cooper vibe. Before that actress and character started sucking, that is.

As for the actual episode...

Two identical sisters are dealt two very different hands in life. Emma is an orphan who got passed from foster home to foster home. Sutton is a charmed teen who got adopted by a wealthy family in Arizona. When Emma can no longer stand her current living situation, she sets up a meeting with Sutton. Only the arrival isn't quite the reunion she imagined, as Sutton immediately convinces her to trade places, so she can follow a lead on their birth mother.

Emma has limited options, considering she was running from Social Services. She reluctantly agrees. With new clothes and a new car, she heads off as Sutton. Sutton, meanwhile, tells her that everything she needs to know is on her laptop. Too bad a burglar swiped that at the conclusion of the pilot.

Emma handles the transition awkwardly, but fairly well, given the circumstances. After all, Sutton tells her it would only be two days until they could switch back... but then she fails to show up. The closing shot depicts Sutton on the receiving end of a surprise attack. But from who? Hello, mystery number-one!

Sutton also insinuated that her parents did something horrible and know more than they lead on about her adoption, just providing one of moments that left me scratching my head for more answers. Such as: Who can Emma trust now that she can't reach Sutton? Which adorable guy is actually Sutton's boyfriend? What more do Sutton's parents know?

If the mark of a good show is when it leaves you wanting more, The Lying Game definitely accomplished that goal. I'll be tuning in next week for sure. How about you?


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i lik dat film,d lying game,i rili luv it


I read the books and I was so excited when I found out that there was a show based on The Lying Games series, but when I started watching I felt highly disappointed, the show is nothing like the books. In the books Sutton's dead and Emma takes Sutton place to investigate her sister's murder. That's more interesting... And what's The Lying Games without the Twitter Twins? I was expecting to see them there :/


Episode 9 Season 1 Sex, Lies..... song on there is Defying Gravity by Matt Johnson. He is an up & coming artist from Dallas, TX. follow him on twitter @mymattjohnson.


the show is nothing like the book.. the bok talks about sutton being dead and emma searching for who killed her black mailing her into being sutton.. but the show is still very good..;)


she definitely looks like a young SMG!


pretty interesting, for the pilot that is, i thought it did well enough to wait for next week. but i did see the ringer trailer, and the only thing thats making me want to tune in at september is SMG. i mean the trailer was so vague but then again lots of good shows are like that ...


I really dislike the cast, alexandra is cool as sutton but as emma not so much

Rhianna speranzo

dont like the casting. They seem too old for their characters and when i read the book i dunno i guess i just pictured it differently even though all tv shows change the books around. Still not sure why you gave it 5 stars though


seriously, you gave this 5 stars? it's like the parent trap crossed with pretty little liars; kinda lame. i get why people will love it, but it's SO abc family


Sutton looks like Elena on VD, blonde ones look like Hannah on PLL and brunette looks like Emily on PLL

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You definitely got the smart half of the embryo.


I always say that "Hope is grief's best music."