The Mentalist First Look: Season 4 Premiere Pics

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Before Patrick Jane can deal with a new boss this fall, he'll have to extricate himself from a certain confined situation:

When we next see this CBI member, he'll be behind bars. That's what happens when you shoot your nemesis in the middle of a packed mall, as Jane did to Red John on the May finale. How will Lisbon help free someone who can't deny his actions?

Tune in to the September 22 premiere to find out. And, in the meantime, check out these first looks at Jane in the slammer:

A Visit from Lisbon
Patrick Jane in Jail

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I just watched the previews for October 15. DidRobin Tunney cut her hair or was it just pulled back? She has beautiful. I hope they are still there.


guys dont mind what channel is it on ?


Love these pics, can't wait for the start of season 4! And Val, don't you mean Jane?:L


A few episodes ago when Jane went to jail the first time it explained that people in blue are the inmates that are trusted. they get special priviledges.


hhehehhe, Nice pictures,,,it seems that james is very popular already in jail XD


he is in jail--for murder

Uncle jackass

Now, why is it that Patrick is wearing a Blue-robes? Is he a medical personnel?

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