The Nine Lives of Chloe King First Season Report Card: B

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After a shaky start, The Nine Lives of Chloe King delivered fun and daring stories to viewers, along with one of the most passionately debated love triangles on television. The season as a whole earned a solid B, but I'd bump that grade up if we could just focus on the final few installments.

Let's take a look back at the new show, highlighting the best (and worst) of season one...

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Best Character: I’m going to take some heat for this one, but... Paul. His consistency in being funny and “there” for everyone is a gift we should all possess. Plus, Ki Hong Lee has amazing line delivery and can deadpan even the goofiest of moments. 

Best Episode: Without a doubt, “Beautiful Day.” The finale offered so much for viewers to chew on, and did so without a net. We may never know what happens, and with so much hanging in the balance, it was a pretty daring choice on the part of the show.  Runner up was “Green Star,” and the introduction of Jasmine’s mom, Valentina. Their part in the finale was phenomenal. 

Worst Character: Zane. He ruined everything. His apparent hatred of his brother and disdain for his own race set in motion a series of events from which we may never recover. I wish there had been something to like about him before his true colors were revealed. As it stands, there is nothing they can do to redeem him, which might have been an option as Alek’s brother.

Worst Episode: "Girls Night Out." The introduction of the Mai cousins from South America did nothing to move the story forward. Best moment of the worst hour was Paul’s gift of himself Amy. 

Best Storyline: Any time we learned something new about the Mai. Unfortunately, that was a story left buried for most of the season. Information was given out in doses far too small. All of the events along the way happened because Chloe was Mai, but we never really got a feel for what it means to be Mai. 

Worst Storyline: The introduction of Frank’s daughter as an unwitting victim, which then drew him out of Meredith’s life. Their relationship fleshed out her character and it was good for Chloe to see her mom happy. Thanks for nothing, Vanessa. 

Alek or Brian: Sizzle or soulmate? That was the big conundrum for Chloe. Being Mai (and the possibility of kissing Brian to death) gave the disadvantage to Brian, but viewers would argue that it was his lack of heat that made them feel the soulmate option was shoved down their throats. I don’t think anyone could have imagined Skyler Samuels and Ben Stone igniting the screen as they did. But, as we learned in the finale, you need more than sparks to form a lasting bond. 

Hopes for second Season: That there is one! Yes, there were bumps along the way, but as the season progressed the writers found their footing and went out with one heck of a wallop. Sure and steady, they took us on a ride that deserves to be continued.

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Hmmmm .. Team Alec or Team Brain ? In my opinion, I like both or them. But just by a nose, I have to say Alec. I love how much he thinks about her and cares for her and for god sakes!, Is willing to die for her. And not just because he has, but because he wants to :) I Don't see why people are hating on Brian also. He's a great guy and I think, in my opinion DESERVES Chloe at one point, IF, she wasn't Mai. I see why she likes him so much :) He loves her so much, he just can't stay away ..


Yup, worst moments of the show was the "Soulmate" crap being shoved down our throats. Derek said it best in Teen Wolf when he told Scott "You are 16, you DON'T KNOW what love is" Hopefully during season 2 the writers will FIX this HOT MESS. Pay attention writers: Chloe and BRIAN DO NOT a happy audience make but Chloe and ALEK make for a VERY HAPPY VIEWING AUDIENCE!!!


Best Character: ALEK! I've loved him from the very first epsiode the very first moment he stepped on screen. He's cute, confident, witty, smart, hilarious, he has everything! Worst Character: BRIAN! He has no personality and no life that doesn't revolve around Chloe. He is obessed with Chloe and won't leave her alone even when she breaks his heart over and over again. He just won't take a hint!!!! Brian just complicates everything an makes it all about him. He's annoying and not even cute. Alek or Brian: Definitly ALEK! He is way better then Brian in every single way. He can protect Chloe and would do anything to save her. Even if that meant dieing himself. Alek can actually kiss Chloe! I don't care how good your relationship is or how much you have in common but to be in "love" sooner later one or both of you will have the urge to kiss. Besides Chloe did say Alek was a great kisser! Besides who would want to be in a relationship were you couldn't even be intimate. I'm TEAM ALEK all the way! No matter what happens! :)


Worst storyline: Brian. He's boring, unimportant, useless, needy, can't take a hint and just complicates things. His screwed up family has nothing to do with being Mai. Ok, his moms death does, but they're trying to get as much material out of it as they can and it's boring. And the soulmate garbage is infuriating!


Best Character : You say Amy? She's nice, but clueless. I'd get annoyed having her around all the time. Her and Paul add comic relief though?
Personaly, I love Alek and Jasmine for the same reasons. They're so brave, always there for Chloe, and really on top of things. They AREN'T stupid. They've both messed up and made mistakes, but that just makes the characters believable and real Worst Character : Zane. It's not that they did a bad job, they did a very good job executing the part of Zane. But seriously? HE'S MAI!!! So WHY does he work for the order!!?? The order exists to KILL the Mai and nothing else! So WHY would you help them drive your own kind extinct??!! I can't think of ANYTHING they could promise him for him to be so STUPID! Best Storyline : "Nine lives to live, Nine lives to endure. With each death more painful than the last, each life more complicated than the one before it." WIN Worst Storyline : Best Episode : "Responsible" Vanessa is stupid, but I can tolerate her cuz she's got style ;)
The whole Chloe/Alek fight scene with the human trafficers? OMG kill me now!!! LOVED IT!!! Favorite scene EVER!!! It was like a dance! But I wonder how much KIA paid to get the show to have Chloe buy a KIA Soul and rave about how great it is? ;P Worst Episode : I can't pick, I thought they were all up to scratch Brian or Alek? ALEK!!! Brian annoys me. Other people have said it exact so I'm going to quote them; While the actor is faboo, his material was well...nauseating. A college student hits on a high school student, overshares, is self-involved,needy,and has no friends. Get this boy some couch time and well...that's the kinda guy you get rid of but is like gum on your shoe." -smg
But seriously? The guy just wont go away! She breaks his heart how many times and he still comes running back! And the part where Chloe loves him was just annoying. I mean, yeah right. You're 16 and you haven't even kissed him. All they talk about is Brian! Brian's troubles, Brian's family, Brian's mom, dad, Grandmas adress, GO BACK TO COLLEGE!
Alek would lay down his life for Chloe in a heartbeat. And their fight scene in "Responsible"? EEK!!! I LOVED IT!! Favorite scene of the WHOLE show!!! It was like a dance!! I would take that as a first date anyday ;) Hope for Second Season : EVERYMINUTE OF EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best Character : Dare I say Amy? She is the best friend everyone can imagine having. Her lines are funny, sometimes ridiculous and combined with Paul on her side, they make a good kick-ass side-kick team. Worst Character : Brian's dad's female friend. See, I can't even remember her name. She should stop trying too hard to be an antagonist. We can totally see from the haircut. Best Storyline : Every ancient Gods having their own races. Mais, Jackals, totally awesome. If there's Season 2, there should be more explanation on this. Worst Storyline : Zane and Alek's brotherhood. Seriously? I love surprises but this just comes as pathetic. Best Episode : Definitely "Beautiful Day". Chloe and Brian's scene at the end? Heart-breaking. Worst Episode : Dare I say Pilot? The pilot comes off as ridiculous and poorly-executed. Chloe's whole fighting scene with the Scarface is silly and weird. Brian or Alek? At first I thought I'm gonna be on Team Alek. But then Brian did something to me? Is it the weirdly hot attitude or his persistence. Team Brian :D Hope for Second Season : YES! With so many cliffhangers on the finale, they just have to continue it. I mean, still 7 lives to go.


First season..hope secon season has more drama n suspence.


I gotta agree with the "soul mate" shoved down my throat. While the actor is faboo, his material was well...nauseating. A college student hits on a high school student, overshares, is self-involved,needy,and has no friends. Get this boy some couch time and well...that's the kinda guy you get rid of but is like gum on your shoe. Alec's character TALKS to Chloe about things that concern her. While he's confident (cocky) he also makes sure she hears the things she needs to hear, not just what she WANTS to hear. In all honesty, he's a better person all around for her, but she keeps running to the person that's not good for her. Enabler much? The promos were horrid and not even aimed at their target audience, they were aimed at the PLL audience, who wants sex, murder, pregnancy...etc. Chloe King is actually one of the few "family" shows on abc family and I enjoyed it. Buffy wasn't a hit the first 1/2 of its season, it picked up, I hope they at least give it an entire season before throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I will say, if abc family gets rid of this show, I probably will never watch another scripted show on their channel again. I'm stll smarting from what they did to 10 Things I Hate about you, but at least it got a whole 20 episodes.


Sorry but if there is no chemistry then that person is your best friend!! Brian/Chloe is about as believable as dancing leprechauns and bigfoot. The soulmate business was annoying especially because Chloe is 16 and Brian is a college aged man chasing after this child!!


do these people even know what soulmate means? I already want to strange the announcer for saying it all the time. They aren't soulmates I would describe it as puppy love not true love. She and brian just don't have that natural spark that she and alek have. their romance is boring and predictable. anyway chloe is a 16 year old girl she doesn't know what she wants yet and the soulmate was shoved down our throats and it got VERY annoying. besides that I agree with every thing exept the worst storyline. that would have to be the brian storyline. not his involvment with chloe but looking in about his moms murder. it was kinda boring for my taste. zane- I want to throttle him. why kill jasmine?!? I love her and chloe needs a mai friend to talk to. but I'm thakful for him because now they NEED to continue the show to show us if he's really Alek's brother. and he raises questions. could alek kill his brother? why would he work for the order? these and more need to be answered. paul annoyed me at first but the guy grows on you.I loved when he and alek had their bromance moment in the finale.

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