The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: All Pomp, No Progression

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This week's Secret Life was a complete filler episode, with the exception of one thing. In "Pomp," we found out that Ricky was the given the prestigious honor of valedictorian.

Congrats to Ricky. Who knew he was so smart? We've been given clues over the years, but this is a really big moment for him. Between writing his speech and preparing to propose to Amy, he's got a lot on his plate.

Excited Ricky

However, this week was all talk and no action. Everyone was discussing the big post-graduation party at Jesse's lake house like it was American Pie or something. Speaking of American Pie, Stifler's mom - better known to the Secret Life crowd as "Betty" - is about to make bank.

Someone's been staking Leo out and knew about the divorce in order to make this move. But who? It seems Betty was content with taking her pre-nup settlement and going back to school. Too bad some sketchy lawyer is looking to make a pretty penny off of the sausage king.

Poor Ben doesn't need anything else rocking his family or his life. After all, Henry and Alice just told Ben that they couldn't be friends with him anymore because it was too hard after their breakup. Friends are often the casualties of splits, but I don't think anyone would be that cut and dry about it.

I'm sure lines will get blurred at next week's party. It's shaping up to be the event of the year, as you could discern from everyone's desperation to attend. One line I don't want to see blurred is the one between Ricky and Adrian.

She really needs to kiss him one last time to make sure she can move on with Omar? What the Hell kind of logic is that?!? If everyone waited until they knew they were absolutely, positively over an ex to date someone new, nobody would ever date again. Love is complicated and, in most cases, it's best to stay away from the ex.

I don't even want to get into how confusing next week's previews are. How do you all feel? Leave it in the comments!


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@Al noo it has been implied since the beginning of the show that Ricky has been smart, I believe about the time we knew Adrian was smart. Then at the middle of this season, or beginning we knew he had a good GPA and high SAT scores. Even before Ricky said the only reason why he even took the SAT was because there were girls in there and he has a thing for smart girls.


On another note, I miss Ashley; however, I don't understand a pair of parents that would let their child go off with another child... that needs to be re-examined! And, YES, we are all agreed that George needs to 'grow up' -- and he thinks that something hinky is going on with Anne & Ricky's mom???? Where is his brain???


I'm sorry but Adrian needs to get over HERSELF!!! Ricky is 'torn' because he has so many childhood issues himself; however, he wants a FAMILY... and Amy is sweet to and with him. Grow up, Adrian, study hard and go be the Lawyer you wanted to be (or you said you wanted to be)... and, I could see it coming with Betty & the snarky lawyer, but I don't think she'll let the sleasy lawyer take the Sausage King to the cleaners as he has always been very good and very fair with her! Am looking forward to the proposal... the party sounds 'lame' to me...


Ricky being named valedictorian makes no sense at all based on the character we have been exposed to all this time. It might work for the script at the present, but we were never told how smart he was until this episode and maybe when he applied for college. I also find it hard to believe that his appointment would have been approved with all the trouble that he manages to cause or be part of. I know they are trying to make him a good guy now, but I'm sure there was at least one other better deserving student in the graduating class than Ricky.


You know what I just realized? The party is after graduation right? So Ricky proposes to Amy before the party. So my theory is that Amy told Ricky to kiss Adrain one last time. I don't know but that was just a thought. Hope Amy says yes!!


Adrian's obsession with Ricky is beyond obnoxious and has been WAY overplayed by the writers. On the other hand, Ricky's weakness for Adrian is his tragic flaw, therefore it's both interesting and encouraging to watch him struggle to overcome it as he continues to work toward building a healthy, happy life with Amy. That's why it angers me all over again to see in the previews that he balks and gives Adrian her "one last kiss." Where are your cajones, Ricky? "No" is a powerful word. Granted, Adrian is conveniently deaf when she hears the word from Ricky, I'm convinced that if he just keeps saying it she will eventually get bored and go away. If we've learned anything about Adrian it's that she can't stand to not get what she wants for too long and will eventually find a new conquest.


well i think Adrian and this new guy Omar are cute together (really i like the actor who plays Omar and the Adrian actress is less OTT with him) and Ricky/Amy is certainly the couple star of this show (i suspect even since the beginning of the show actually..there was always some tension, feelings whatever you want to call that between the two characters during all the seasons, together or not) but they have to insert drama so here we go with the Adrian fatal obsession arc..Ha.

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