The Vampire Diaries Season 3: First Footage!

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Ready to whet your appetite, Vampire Diaries lovers?

The CW has already released a photo from the show's September 15 return - wonder what Alaric, Damon and Elena are chatting about? - but now the network has done us one better. One dark, frightening, awesome trailer better, that is!

In the following preview, we're treated to our first actual footage from season three. What will it entail? Caroline pressuring Elena to move on, Damon saying his brother will never return - and Stefan lashing out, with fresh, warm blood oozing off his lips. Hurry up and take a bite out of this video now.

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awww theres caroline in the underwear with tyler heheh


I have been it pain all summer without Ian. I am so exited! season three looks AMAZING!!! (and I hate to say this, but I'm glad Stefan's gone, Damon and Elena can finally get together!!!!!!!! And Caroline jumping in bed with tyler?!!!


i reli want damon and elena 2geda but i feel sorry 4 stefan!nd i love da relationshp stefan and damon are building!i loooooooove caroline and tyler to bits though!=)...damon z soooo hot!!!!!!

Elina milan

can't wait : )


dis is not fair,stefan sacrifised everytin to save damon but now damon is saying he's nt coming back coz he wants 2 have elena,dis isn't right,nd about caroline she's an ingrate if nt coz of stefan dat taught her 2 b gud she would hv become a great monster by nw,she should knw dat it's tym 2 return the favour.


caroline and tyler :D


I'm so excytd,can't wait for the return... its just getting juicier with each season! Well done to everyone involved! Xx


Oh god, Damon's not gonna cry again is he??? Looks like he is jealous of Stefan. Guess, Damon will start the water works so Elena will feel sorry for him. lol


jadore damon and i waant him and elena 2gether!!!!!

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