True Blood Review: Dead Red?

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True Blood can't really kill off Jess, can it?

I've longed for the show to trim its roster for seasons now, as there are simply too many characters and too many storylines. There's also a severe lack of consequences - in the form of significant deaths - for a series that treads so deeply in blood, gore and the supernatural.

But... not Jess! She's the one individual whose been underused through the years, and I've been digging the possibility of her and Jason getting together.

It's Antonia!

I can't imagine the show actually kills her off. Jason is right outside the front door, after all, and it takes more than a few rays of sunshine to end a vampire. It's nice that no one actually knows the answer (Jess was not a character in the book series), and I can't say I'd truly be upset if she does perish. It would certainly add a surprising jolt to the series, wouldn't it?

Overall, "
Cold Grey Light of Dawn" moved pieces and characters into place for the second half of the season.

Granted, there was A LOT of talking - the exchanges between a chained-up Bill/Jess and Eric/Sooke dragged on - but the episode did a strong job bringing arcs together, as Tara is now teamed up with Antonia/Marnie, and, just like Arlene's baby, Lafayette is seeing singing black women out of nowhere. Sam and Tommy? Ummm, well, they are simply still around.

Let's return to Eric and Sookie for a moment, though, and a point my colleague brought up in last week's True Blood Roundtable: doesn't getting the two of them together in this manner feel like cheating? Sookie admitted here that she'd never have hooked up with the old Eric, which is what so many viewers had been clamoring for. So that problem is solved by erasing his memory and making him into the sweetest supernatural being since Casper?

Is this really the payoff Team Eric members had been hoping for? I'm legitimately asking: if you've been wanting to see Sookie and Eric as a couple, does the result feel cheapened by this development?

Elsewhere... poor Pam! While that blood sucker has mostly been known for just delivering a few winning one-liners here and there, she's become a truly enjoyable, sympathetic character. I felt awful for her tonight. Paging, Dr. 90210! TV Fanatic will foot the bill if you can fix our gal.

A few notes before I turn this over to your comments:

  • You call that an initiation, werewolf pack? Where were the keg stands? The naked runs? I suffered through more to officially join my rugby team in college.
  • Sorry, crazy Debbie. But did you notice that Alcide said he only loves one woman... but didn't specifically cite you as that woman?
  • Andy, your main mistake wasn't the lack of V intake. It was going on a first date with someone at the locale in which she works. Poor form, dude. You were doomed from the start.
  • Come on, HBO. TMZ gets a shout-out when Pam is about to kill Tara? We all know what the top celebrity gossip site around is, don't we?
  • Not much to even say about Fiona Shaw at this point. She was excellent before as a confused Marnie, and she's even better now as a vindictive Antonia. Really enjoying this villain and the way the resurrection storyline is being built up.
  • Nice touch by the show to have Pam and Jessica's fangs exposed as they were being silvered and skinned.

What did everyone else think? Do you wanna see Jess killed off because it would take you by surprise? Or would you miss her too much as a character?


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Skokie and Eric do get together after he loses his memory in the books, but remember he gets it back. I think he will get it back again. I like jess's character to an extent, but her guilt w Hoyt was getting very old. He knew she was a vampire. He should be able to accept her feeding off someone else.


In the books eric and sookie do hook up and pretty much stay hooked up. I always thought that I would to see sookie and alcide have a good chance , Maybe latter .


eric and sookie are great glad they hooked up ....yes im a fan of the books read them several times...(not saying nothing about them)....i love the show and cant wait to see how it advances...


I have read all the books and the first episodes were a bit disappointing since book 4 is one of the best books. However, the series has been picking it up and making it much more interesting.
I like the plot of Antonia coming back to take revenge, however, do all vampires have to pay? Couldn't she just take her revenge on that one vampire that raped her and fed from her? Other than that, I was very surprised to see Jessica fighting the silver, and even more surprise to see Bill ordering her to take his silver off just to try and save her, but wasn't the spell strong enough for him? Other than that, I don't really like Bill as King Bill... liked him better in the book..
I agree with Courtney, about being very interested in how they incorporate all this other characters that were in the books into the series.
I hope Jason saves Jessica, but what will she do with Hoyt? compelled him? She's done it before. and how come they only showed one vampire being burned? I guess she wasn't told what to do... I do hope they don't kill Jessica off, and that next week they are not dumb enough to actually try and fight the witch. Haven't they learned? I do want to see how the whole Eric and Sookie story continues to play, and how Alcide is going to do about his very obvious attraction to Sookie...


I know there have been liberties taken with the characters, but in the book, Eric does loose his memory and he and Sookie do hook up. Unfortunately Lafayette dies early on and Tara is a skinny white girl. Sam never had a brother and the Alcide never joined another pack or got back with that crazy Debbie. I would suggest starting at the beginning and reading through the series.


I started watching this show because of Bill and Sookie. i probably won't be watching for much longer.


I always wanted Eric and Sookie to end up together, but I have to admit I don't care for the sappy Eric. I'm disappointed with how it has turned out. there is not the same passionate sparks between them now. Bring back the viking vampire and then hook them back up!! I love this season so far, it is the best since the first season. I wish they would do something else with this story line with Sam and his brother, it is lacking. other than that, awesome season!


Eric Losing his memory and then getting with sookie is going straight from the book, I like it:) But please do not kill Jessica, I


Love Eric and Sookie. Hope the witch will be punished soon! Bill is so much better when he is not with Sookie. Like him as King.


Jess had better be o.k., I was close to shouting at the t.v telling Jason to RUN FASTER YOU IDIOT. I'm with @Whyle on this one if Jess gets killed off then i'm gone, she's the only reason i push through all the sookie/bill/eric garbage. Surely they can't kill her off guys? please?.

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