True Blood Review: Too Much of a Bad Thing

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True Blood offered up one of its greatest mysteries this week: How did Jason and Jessica end up in the back of his pickup truck?!? I can imagine a few scenarios:

Perhaps that's where Jason keeps his condoms... Maybe he got a flat tire, Jessica assisted and then he couldn't help but give her a few pumps, as well... They may have believed Bill was home and wanted to keep their affair a secret... Or possibly it was simply there and, hey, Alan Ball figured: why not?!?

Drink, Sookie!

I focus on this seemingly inane point because I found the setting of Jason and Jessica's lovemaking to be hilarious, and also because I wanted to start on a lighter note before stating: "Let's Get Out of Here" was my least favorite episode of what's likely been my favorite season.

Here's why:

Too much Lafayette. We get it. The guy is a medium. This will likely come in handy somehow during the final showdown with Antonia. But, wow, that was a long, excruciating way to draw out the extent of Lafayette's powers.

There wasn't any real suspense - did anyone think Arlene's baby was in danger? - and I simply don't care about any of the characters centrally involved. No offense, Lafayette, Arlene, Terry, Andy and Jesus. Okay, some offense.

Too much Tommy. Really, any Tommy is too much. Sure, it was noble of him to take a beating on behalf of Sam, but know what would be even more noble? To skip town. There's no storyline purpose for Tommy to be around, except to point out the obvious in this case:

My goodness, Alcide is enormous! But he's also predictable. It would be a refreshing change to see him possibly struggle with whether to embrace his pack or not. Instead, he's always the good guy, always smitten with Sookie, always, dare I say it, sort of boring.

A lack of build-up to the human/vampire tolerance event. I love Nan. (This may have been the funniest scene of the season.) I love King Bill. But I didn't love what felt like a missed opportunity here. Has there been an ongoing conflict between the pair over how to best settle human/vampire relations? I haven't really sensed one, despite Bill's outburst while the pair was chained.

It also would have been nice if we had heard a peep about the tolerance gathering prior to this episode. Such a build-up would have given the interruption that much more resonance. We would have been anticipating the speeches for weeks and wondering how they might go and then - bam! - Antonia and her minions wreak havoc. Instead, the event and the climactic bloodshed felt hastily thrown together.

On a positive note, this was great:

For the Monster

But one more negative: That Sookie/Eric/Bill dream sequence. Talk about a lazy way to illustrate how Sookie is in love with both these vampires. That fact has been clear for weeks and I'd prefer it to be dealt with in a more nuanced fashion, preferably one that takes place in the real world. It felt like the episode ran 10 minutes short and they needed to kill time.

As always, there are fun, pressing questions heading into next week: Will Hoyt learn about Jessica and Jason? Will Eric regain his memory? Did Sam and Luna wake up Emma with their wild Shifter sex? Will we ever hear from the fairies again?

But True Blood stalled tonight, dedicating too much time to side characters and wayward storylines, while not giving its core trio anything of substance.


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And Alcide is smoking hot. He doesn't't need to be good or bad or anything. They can just have him be background eye candy in every scene with no lines and I would be happy. It wouldn't hurt if in a couple of those lineless scenes he was inexplicably naked. Yum! Gonna need them to kill off Debbie and write me into the show to be Alcide's girlfriend/loveslave/stalker.


Ok so I agree with half of what u said. It was completely ludicrous for Jess and Jason to leave a perfectly good house to go get it on in the truck. And was there no lost virginity for the 100th time discomfort or does being slutty cancel that out? Does it make me a bad person because I wanted the wolves to kill Tommy? So over that clown. But I'm not mad at the whole Laf/Jesus/ghost sub-plot. It gave us something to look at other than that ridiculous dream sequence and it gave us a good idea on how they're gonna make Antonia go back to hell. And let me just say I love that Sookie dreamed of bad Eric who is 10 times hotter than sweet Eric.
Lastly, let me add that I'm glad the series isn't exactly like the books. It's one thing for a movie to be like that but a weekly series needs to be more dynamic. Plus u get characters u wouldn't ordinarily have like Jess. And Lafayette died in the first book and I'm so glad that he's still around because he's like me third favorite character next to Eric and Pam.


Episode was alright, but probably the most boring of the season. I almost fell asleep. Waste of filming in all honesty. It dragged out for too long.


I liked this episode, everything about it.


I am with you Katrina Sookie does need to use her powers on the witch and knock her on her ass. LOL The way I see it since Tara is now being held against her will no doubt Lafayette will help with the witch since his cuz is in trouble. I have to agree I love Pam she is awesome. The seasons are too short and they do drag these on 12 episodes just is not right.


If you look back, they've mentioned "that tolerance event in Shreveport" multiple times prior to this episode...


This episode was great, too short tho. Eric/Sookie/Bill dream was awesome! Ppl need to stop comparing the series to the book! It's been 4 seasons. Get over it!

Matt richenthal

@kenya: It's the usual length. There have been nine episodes and there are three remaining.


The Sookie, Eric and Bill story is ridiculous now, I feel like I'm watching a re-cycled soapy. As much as I love TB, it is staring to drift away from its roots, too many stories are happening at the same time, and there is less inter-relation between characters' storylines. I'll still watch I just hope stories are resolved and it moves on a little faster.


Now I see why next season is gonna be a torture, whole season about shapeshifters. It's the only plot that I don't care about and in this episode there was too much about them.

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