True Blood Review: "Spellbound"

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Hurry up and choose your side, True Blood fans. Practically everyone else did on "Spellbound," as storylines continued to converge while, ironically, friends were torn apart.

Can Tara and Sookie ever come back from being on opposing teams in the Battle at Bon Temps Cemetery? Because this is a TV show, the answer is likely yes. But I'd never forgive my BFF if she ever set out to destroy my true loves. Gotta put my foot down somewhere, preferably across Antonia's throat.

Talking to Marnie

Clearly, I'm on Team Vampire here, but I've said it from the introduction of Marnie: it's refreshing to have an enemy viewers can fully understand. I'd likely want to murder all blood suckers, too, if I were Antonia. Same for Tara. Consider all she's been through.

In my ideal conclusion to this season, Sookie actually kills Tara while defending Bill and Eric. The series will never go there, but don't tell me that wouldn't add another layer to Sookie's character, as well as the kind of morally grey intrigue that leaves fan buzzing and debating all winter long.

Plus, someone has to die, as we debated in last week's
True Blood Round Table.

That person clearly won't be Jessica. At least the episode didn't drag out the possibility of her demise, as Jason put his high school football skills to good use within the opening seconds. I wasn't surprised, and I'm happy for reasons that go beyond how gosh darn cute Jessica is: specifically, Hoyt's reaction to their break-up.

Might he join Team Antonia? It would make sense, wouldn't it? I'm always for well-drawn out relationship developments that involve friends turning into enemies or vice versa. Maybe Hoyt will die!!!

Morbid curiosity and hopes aside, let's focus on Eric's nude body, shall we? I assume that was the much-hyped shower scene? To which I reply: Really?!? We've spent so much time away from fairy land, and the meaning behind it still seems so unclear, that I was simply bored when these two somehow got it on under the snow. Am I even right in assuming the fantasy setting was related to Sookie's ancestors?

It's just confusing, which is not the emotion one should really have when witnessing Anna Paquin and Alexander SkarsgÄrd naked. In positive fairy news, though, I laughed out when Sookie thanked her weird light power for finally working.

Elsewhere in a solid, albeit slower-than-usual episode:

  • My attention was piqued for the first time this season when Sam faced down Alcide's packmaster. I probably should have seen that connection coming, but I'm actually interested to see where it goes.
  • Please... make... Tommy... go... away.
  • Speaking of Alcide: snoooooze. Does this guy do anything but pine over Sookie? Make your move or just move on, buddy. And take your shirt off as you decide, please.

What did everyone else think? Are you as hungry for a major death as I am? Who should it be?


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good! my review:


Hold on a sec who's the one who has to forgive anything? Actually Sookie isn't exactly the best friend I'd wish for...when was she ever there for Tara?...I mean like making her the priority and not running off the next minute to fuck with one of her vampire guys?
Tara has been abused, she has been life threatened more than once, her cousin has been tortured and all of this didn't happen with SOME vampires. It did happen with vampires Soockie is close with! So after all the shit Tara has taken, she has to stand back. Loose HER love and suporting Sooke in her crazy love life! I don't think so!
Tara is making the wrong decision I doesn't help to kill off a whole species but I can understand her feelings and why she's doing it because while Sookie's always the special one and all vampire love her blood and her anyway blablabla Tara seems to be always on the loosing end!


The bed and snow was Narnia! No but isn't it similar to when Jason and whatshername flying and what not-a hallucination. Sookie killing Tara would be awesome.


the shower scene was lets face it MAJOR LET DOWN please alan ball make the swing on sookies porch a bit spicier (if youve read the books youll know what i mean) and we all know debbie is going to go crazy and attack sookie again and i agree tommy is annoying and so is tara but i dont like the jess and jason thing going onn its too hurtfull for hoyt and i want to know more about sams history and weve way underestimate how badass he can be


So disappointing. The shower scene was so LAME. What the heck was going on? It didn't make sense, didn't advance the storyline at all and wasn't even hot...booo! I'm looking forward to Eric getting his memory back. The first few episodes of memory loss were fun and Alex got some great lines and the chemistry was WOW! But now it's over and I want sarcastic Eric to come back. Bill - Enough with the heroism. I'm tired of it. I know you'll eventually get back with Sookie at some point in this series, but really can't you give Eric/Sookie half a chance? Tara - Die Please and take Tommy with you. Seriously. I don't care how it happens, just go away! Oh and maybe Holly can go with you as well. Hoyt - Go back to your nice, dependable self. We need some characters who remain constant in this show. Jessica - I like your story line. Lafayette - You are perfect. The only problem is the million other story lines that make us loose focus on yours...but superb acting - love you! Baby Mikey - You are too cute. Story line is kinda fun, I'll play this one out without too many complaints. Jason - You're actually doing okay right now. Thank god we lost the were-panther storyline...that was so dumb. Andy - don't get too complicated. Your giving us some comic relief. Hoping this season ends with a bang...cause I'm a little tired of weekly disappointments.


I TOTALLY agree with Dex! You all need to stop complaining! This show is awesome. I liked this episode, I laughed several times (Jason doing press-ups, Sookie's "my L...Bill") and I've been temporarily shocked by the Hoyt/Jessica scene. To me there's no problem with the great amount of stoylines. The series is a good satire and has very intersting messages to pass on and every character serve this purpose, even the most annoying ones.
Poor Eric! what did the witch do to him? As long as he's not himself, I can't really enjoy his romance with Sookie, it's like the couple has been closeted in a fairy/cheesy dream. With the war beginning I think it's going to be more passionate in good way.


Some of the Sookie and Eric lines were just hilarious! I can't remember offhand, but I clearly burst out laughing at somethings they said about each other, and how she started to suck his hand? Didn't make much sense, and I know now that it was a blood trip, but at the time it just seemed like somehow FINALLY they were back to touching on Sookie's fairyland adventure. Jessica clearly has some built up rage from Hoyt so even if it was an imaginary scene, she definitely went badass on him. I wonder why Hoyt and her didn't co-sign for the house? Is she still considered under-age? (I assume she was around late teens when Bill turned her.) I was really hoping they moved past her being a re-virgin every day, that was gross when they discovered it, and still is. Glad Jason stood up for his friend first, his love second. I think that will change once he hears the vitriol that Hoyt spewed about Jess and her vampire ways. How the might have fallen, eh Andy Bellefleur? From before when he took the 'credit/blame' for shooting Eggs, to on his knees almost eating a sun burnt vampire for a drop of blood he has done a complete 180, but if anyone can help ween him off the V, it's Jason Stackhouse since his witchy friend wants nothing to do with him I assume, as she's busy helping Antonia fight vampires. Speaking of Antonia's silver wearing Crusaders - Will they stick around after seeing vampire justice? How cool was that! Nobody has actually put up a decent fight before to Bon Temps vampires. Sure, others have tried but Eric, Pam, etc seemed to be too bored to bother with the peons. Even King Russell and his were-puppies were no match (and admitted by pack leader since) for vampires. Was vampire Bill attempting to make amends with Tara? There's someone we can do without, she came back to town since her best friend came 'back from the dead' and now she's a witches #2 in a war against said BFF! I wish this season was almost over so we could have some closer, but I don't want to wait until next summer for another season!


The shower/bed scene could've been done far better. But I personally saw it as a mix of both Eric's viking past & a little bit of fairy land. They were both drunk on each others blood so obviously there was going to be something bent to play off. The part in the actual shower really could have played out longer & been steamier before going into a fantasy spin off IMHO. Tara's whining gets annoying, as do several of the character's traits. There are so many plotlines and sub-plotlines running with so many different supernatural things that it gets hard to keep up. Perhaps it would be better to develop fewer concurrent storylines, and explore the main ones with more depth. I feel the show sometimes struggles with having too much going on that it weakens it's strong points. Needs to get back more to it's roots. I miss the in-your-face brashness that season 1 had. It's gotten softer & has less shock value than it used to - tho we saw glimpses of that in the Hoyt head-smack scene.


BOO F*CKING HOO, get a grip people. Bill owned that episode. Do you really think it's going to be all HEA with Eric and Sookie, or the damn books? You fail to see or listen to what AB has said from the Beginning, it's all about Bill and Sookie. If you hate it so much, stop watching.


I got to be honest, this episode sucked.
This hole new Eric is getting boring already, and the dream sequence with Sookie was just too dull. I agree, Tommy should be killed off. And please, leave Tara with you! So many other characters I would killed off, oh my! But we could start with those two, ok? However, the Sam and Debbie history got waaaaay more interesting!
I'm really liking those stories, and Lafayette's.
And please, make the Jessica and Jason history more interesting that the romance that I've been waiting for YEARS with Sookie and Eric.

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