True Blood Round Table: "I Wish I Was the Moon"

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Eric and Sookie sex alert! Eric and Sookie sex alert!

Yes, these two finally got it on at the conclusion of last night's "I Wish I Was the Moon," a topic we tackle below in the latest edition of the True Blood Round Table. But staff members Matt Richenthal, Eric Hochberger and Carissa Pavlica are here with reaction to other developments, as well. As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene?
Matt: Eric's reaction to Bill bursting in on him and Sookie. First? Violent and protective. Then, when Sookie revealed Bill's identity as his king? Humble and conciliatory.

Eric: Pretty much anything with Marnie and the flashbacks. Like Matt said in his review, I really enjoy how they're properly developing their villain this time. May we never have a season of the Maenad again.

Carissa: Watching the look on Bill's face when he listened to a changed Eric talk about Sookie. It was as if he never knew what love was before that moment.

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Rate the Sookie/Eric sex scene.
Matt: 3.5. I'm sorry, but if I want sensual love-making, I'll turn on Cinemax. I want my True Blood sex scenes to be head-twistingly intense.

Eric: 5. You guys are going to hate me, but I just didn't feel the chemistry. Plus, isn't this cheating? We had to make Eric reset his memory to get them together?!? She's not falling in love with the real Eric, she's falling in love with the brainwashed one. What's going to happen when he gets his memory back? They break up and she returns to Bill? Weak sauce.

Carissa: Ooooh la la. 10. It was romantic and beautiful, something more simplistic than Sookie ever had with Bill. Naked Eric lifts any scene to a 10.

Tommy sleeping with Luna as Sam: Right or wrong?
Matt: It was clearly wrong. But Tommy did just murder his parents. On a relative scale, he's bettering himself.

Eric: Is right even a choice here? Even as the resident TV Fanatic sleaze, I would never condone what Tommy did, boobs or no boobs. Vomiting is the least of the repentance that man should be doing.

Carissa: Wrong. But he didn't really have a chance to turn her away. And, hey, at least he vomited up what appeared to be his entrails afterward. Appropriate.

Would Andy and Holly make a good couple?
Matt: YES! For one, major reason: Handy. What a great couple's nickname!

Eric: I'm all for giving everyone their happy ending and relationship... but really? Andy and Holly?!? How far out there are we reaching for side stories...

Carissa: Sure. They are both a little off and that seems to make perfect sense in Bon Temps.

Jason NOT turning into a were-panther: Thank Goodness, or What a Tease?
Matt: Can I go with: What a Waste of Time instead? I mean, was this the entire point of the Hot Shot storyline? To gross us out with group rape and then to reveal that those were-panthers are dumber than Sammi Sweetheart? I'm just praying we never hear from them again.

Eric: Thank goodness! I kind of predicted from the beginning he'd never become one. I mean, how dumb are the people from Hot Shot not to know how were animals are made? Don't they watch The Vampire Diaries?

Carissa: I don't understand how stupid that white trash group is. Even they didn't know Jason couldn't make a baby were-panther? You need two full-blooded ones to make accomplish that goal? It's a disgrace to panthers. Tease indeed.

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What was your favorite scene? Obviously, the Eric/Sookie sex scene, but a close 2nd was Eric on his knees in front of Bill pleading w/ him, to not hurt Pam or Sookie... Adorable & Sweet! Rate the Sookie/Eric sex scene. I give it a 8/10. It was not suppose to be a typical hard-core True Blood sex scene. It was their 1st time (and longgggg waited I may add), so it was suppose to be sweet and sentimental. Bill & Sookie's 1st time wasn't rough (& I hate to use Bill as an example), but it's true. For the shower scene, it'll probably be rougher, but I'm glad it turned out like it did & that he didn't bite her either. I only wish it was longer & didn't cut to Bill in the middle of it. ;) Tommy sleeping with Luna as Sam: Right or wrong? Totally and completly wrong. I think Tommy's more than overstayed his welcome and needs to kill himself or leave Bon Temps, or something. Would Andy and Holly make a good couple? Not sure how I feel about this, but why not? Jason NOT turning into a were-panther: Thank Goodness, or What a Tease? Thank God! I would like at least 1 person on that show to remain human- lol!


What was your favorite scene?
in the begging with eric & sookie & buzz kill bill. i loved how eric's first thought was to attack who entered. it was very protective. it was a mix set of emotions. Rate the Sookie/Eric sex scene.
i give it a 9. the whole point of amnista eric plot line is to show the core layer of eric. to show who he really is & not who he pretends to be. it was a good seance i thought, i just wish it was longer & didn't cut to bill in the middle. it was soft & sensual & there was intimacy between eric & sookie. it wasn't the from the books but it did channel the emotion of it. Tommy sleeping with Luna as Sam: Right or wrong?
it was totally wrong...but i wouldn't expect anything less of tommy. i would of been more surprised if he didn't sleep with her. Would Andy and Holly make a good couple?
yes, i think they would make a good couple. hopefully holly can snap andy out of the whole v thing. Jason NOT turning into a were-panther: Thank Goodness, or What a Tease?
i'm hoping that he still will turn into a were-panther. jason grew so much from that. i'm still sticking to the fact that there still could be to more nights to the full moon.


Holly was actually with Hoyt in the books. Jessica didn't exist. I do love Hoyt and Jessica though. They are absolutely adorable together.

Uncle jackass

What was your favorite scene? Fully agree with Carissa on this one. Godric always questioned the very existence of vampires and their lack of an evolution as a species/race. Both Bill and Wiped-memory Eric show great promise of retaining some humanity. Rate the Sookie/Eric sex scene. I still preferred my Spike/Buffy scenes but this one was at least was tender and sweet. Therefore, as a Trublood scene it rates a 6/10 while as a love-making scene it rates a 8/10. Tommy sleeping with Luna as Sam: Right or wrong? Well, you can imagine Tommy shifting to Sam while Luna shifts to her mother. How right is that if they start love-making? Would Andy and Holly make a good couple? Sure, why not? After all, all characters deserve happiness. Jason NOT turning into a were-panther: Thank Goodness, or What a Tease? I wasn't really focusing on the were-panther arc.. the whole Jessica and Jason interaction seemed like a similar desire to be empowered. But I can see great trouble for Hoyts and Jessica.

Leigh r

@Blakkers in the books Andy ends up with someone named "Halleigh" I don't think she ever got major storytime though.
1. Gonna agree with Carissa here. Bill was so thrown off.
2. 10 for the fact that he didn't bite her
3. Tommy is repulsive
4. Andy and Holly are blah, reaching for a side story.
5. Hate hotshot and everything about it, but enjoyed all of the Jason/Sookie and Jason/Jess time.


i kinda wanted Jason to turn into the were panther like in the books. the eric sookie sex scene was a little eye rolling. as much as i like them together i miss cold Eric. My book memories are fading but i think in the books holly and andy get together, but i could be wrong. My fav scene i think tho is the Marnie being possessed, she is turning out to be pretty cool.
This week was was a very mellow episode. so it wasn't bad but it was high energy that i am used to.


The love making scene was perfect. No biting, just connecting and making love. very romantic indeed.


To Carrissa, regarding the last question... Um your wrong there, it doesn't take two full blooded were's it takes 1 were like Debbie & Alicide said, the parents need to be either 1 full blooded or both full blooded, the chance of Crystal coming back pregnant are so high its not funny and the baby will be part fairy and thats when the Fairy's will come back into the storyline.


A 10/10 for the sex scene from me:
They showed genuine love and tenderness, both being overwhelmed with their feelings.
Eric did NOT BITE her, it was not about her blood. His love for her is real. (even before his amnesia, he loved her)


What was your favorite scene?
Hands down!Sookie and Eric sex, at first I was not rooting for them but now that I know Bill is for sure evil, I am on team sookie and eric and sorry but Eric knows how to have sex lol but Bill does not fall short either. Rate the Sookie/Eric sex scene.
8, it was hot hot hot, but not hot enough to be a 10, but sorry Eric knows how to make love brainwash or not. Tommy sleeping with Luna as Sam: Right or wrong?
Wrong but how can you refuse someone so beautiful. Would Andy and Holly make a good couple?
Yes they are cute together but to be honest,I rather have Andy off the show. Jason NOT turning into a were-panther: Thank Goodness, or What a Tease?
I was looking forward to him turning into a were-panther but I think this whole story line was really to get Jason and Jessica together and I wouldnt mind seeing them together for a while but her and hoyt are meant to be.

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