True Blood Round Table "Let's Get Out of Here"

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True Blood didn't air a great episode last Sunday.

But the HBO smash still provided Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal with plenty to analyze, as he's joined below by weekly Round Table participants Eric Hochberger, Carissa Pavlica and Jim Garner for their latest take on the happenings in Bon Temps.

As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene?
Matt: Hoyt holding up Jessica's Taylor Swift CD. Just when I thought I couldn't crush on the red head any more, I had to find out she's a T Swizzler just like me.

Eric: Oh, without a doubt Jessica crying and pouring her heart out to Nan, thanks to her classic response: "There have been times, I’ll admit, where it’s occurred to me that maybe I should put my career on hold and become a maker. But these last few hours here with you have erased those doubts forever."

Carissa: Watching Tommy get the crap beat out of him after the most awful Sam impersonation I've ever seen. He was like a combination of an ape and a four-year old child. I wanted to stomp him silly myself!

Jim: Jesus helping Mavin move on with Jason, Terry, and Arlene there and being able to see what happened. I had not realized what a powerful pair Jesus and Lafayette would make!

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Hotter sex scene: Jason and Jessica, or Sam and Luna?
Matt: Sam and Luna. Can you imagine how badly these two wanted each other at that moment? They didn't care that Luna's daughter was in the tent next door, or that Sam's brother had recently shifted his shaft into... you get the idea.

Eric: Definitely going with the J's. There's nothing hotter than white trash pickup truck sex. Or so I assume. I grew up in a flat state near a city. We stuck mostly to the backseats of Volkswagens for our whoopee.

Carissa: Jason and Jessica. Although Jessica needs to up the ante and find a dude from another town. A smart one. You know, she and Alcide would put a smile on my face. THAT would be a hot sex scene!

Jim: I have to reluctantly pick Jason and Jessica. Unlike Eric, I grew up in a southern state owning a truck and we would take a big empty house with a comfy bed over the back of a truck every time, so I have no idea what they were thinking.

Is Tommy noble, stupid or incredibly annoying?
Matt: Incredibly annoying. There's no other answer. Eric, Carissa, Jim, feel free to just skip ahead to the next question.

Eric: Can I choose two of the three? There's always an ulterior motive to this stupid, incredibly annoying ass.

Carissa: Incredibly annoying. And, hopefully, dead.

Jim: I am going with All of the Above. I want to believe he was trying to do something noble by going in Sam's place, but he is just stupid to pick a fight with that many werewolves and we have already established how annoying he is.

Sookie's dream sequence: Hot, or ho-hum?
Matt: I mean, if you're gonna just kill 10 minutes of an episode - and, let's face it, that was the only point of this fantasy - you could do a lot worse than the removal of Anna Paquin's clothes. Still, snoooooooze....

Eric: Although I've never been a fan of the devil's threesome, I've never seen Sookie look so hot before! Wow, red is her color. Just please, Mr. Bell, don't try and push your luck and bring in Alcide for a really creepy foursome.

Carissa: Hot and funny, until she disrobed. Seems Eric sucked the life right out of her. She was so hot and toned last year and this year she's skin and bones. I like my faeries with a little more mean on them.

Jim: I was so bored I was noticing technical things about the scene, such as the light shining only on Sookie's eyes. I will agree with Eric that red is her color, though.

Where the heck was Pam this week?
Matt: Just reading at home. Maybe doing her nails. She glanced at the script and didn't want anything to do with such a dud of an episode.

Eric: Good question! I'm going to assume she was spending some time at her much-deserved vampire spa, getting her weekly treatment for her curse. Though at least it was somewhat comforting that without my hilarious Pam, Nan was there to mock young Jessica.

Carissa: I'm guessing she was filming scenes for The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Must be hard to juggle the life of a sex crazed teen and being a hot, sassy vampire.

Jim: Maybe she was still cleaning up wounded witches in the graveyard. But, more likely, off getting injections to help her skin maintain that glowing, non-rotting look.


didnt anyone eles notice HOW HUGE sookie's head was in that dream sequence? she looked like a headknocker doll! her head is MASSIVE, and eric's is teeeny. they look ridiculous when they kiss!


Since the writers added the witch crap True Blood really does suck! Please fix the story line b/c it's not worth watching anymore.


You know I still think Arlene, Terry, and Baby Mickey are not out of the woods just yet. I don't believe the spirit of Mavis set that fire to Arlene's house, something else did that and I don't believe it was spirit of Renee. Just a guess.


Personally, I think hate how far from the books the series has strayed. The dynamics between Eric and Bill have completely changed by making Bill King. I understand the need to create something new, but I think its gone too far. Having Eric under the control of Antonia was ridiculous.


I loved reading the comments but I so would have loved to read
Stephen Moyer's opinion of "Sookie's Dream Sequence".
I would have loved to hear what he had to say about it.
I loved jesus & LaFayette,and LaFayette's turn as Mavis.
Nelsan Ellis deserves an Emmy for those scenes.
I'm sorry that Hoyt/Jim Parrack's hurting about his breakup with
Jessica. i love them as a couple.
Don't feel sorry for Tommy,he's a hot head who doesn't think.
that's his problem,he should go to Sam and ask for help.
I know he's scared,and proud but he needs Sam.


Did everybody lose their freaking cell phones? Why did Sookie have to hitch a ride with Creepy Debbie all the way to the hotel to warn Bill that Erik is under a spell instead of calling -- text, tweet, whatever? And why hasn't anybody put a cap in Marnie's ass? True, she's just the host, but that would certainly drop the hammer on Antonia's big bag of crazy.


Omg I forgot about the threesome dream scene! But it was sorta a snoozefest but think about it a little more it stops being a drama and stepping right into porn. Its enough sex going on already... Speaking of which- Jessica & Jason? I have another j for you: JEALOUS! I have such a teenage crush on Mr. Stackhouse! And yea, where the hell was Pam? Funny enough I had a dream I was watching trueblood and in my dream episode Pam off'd Nan with the true death! Hahaha!


Okay, the love triangle I have to say was a big SNOOZE for me also. My biggest question of the night was Debbie.....they made a big deal about her taking V, but then had her visit Sookie. They did not show how the V affected her. I guess I was expecting something more to happen after she drank it, then again I guess that is the general consensus about the entire episode.....I expected more to happen. Arelene made me laugh but I missed Pam this week. I also laughed when I heard Alcide say that Sookie was batshit crazy....a little phrase that Charlaine Harris uses frequently in the books. I'm still hooked and can't wait until Sunday....


I really don't understand so many thing in this episode. Lafayette clear the Mike story line, but how suddenly all the others could see Mavis?!
What was that dream sequence? Really?! We already know Sookie, Eric and Bill form a love triangle! That part was hard to watch, almost hurt.
Although what Tommy did was noble, he should leave True Blood ASAP.
Why Alcide, so hot, has to be so boring?!
And Debbie, befriend the enemy won't make he love you more. Or love Sookie less, whatever. I liked the Jess and Jason developments, specially after the scene with Nan - one of the bests this week! - I'm more excited to see this two dating than ever was with Hoyt.

Uncle jackass

I would comment about Anna Paquin's body this season, only it is none of my business! Thanks to the power of anonymity, I can truthfully say that that the Jessica & Jason truck scene with a Taylor Swift Haunted accompanied music was quite romantic; albeit cringing after realizing that Hoyts is double the size of Jason and is probably going to beat the living crap out of him if or when he finds out.

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