True Blood Round Table: "Spellbound"

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Is this the last we've seen of Sookie?!? Was the shower scene all you've dreamed about and more? And could a viewer actually be on Team Antonia?

We pose all of these questions and more in the latest edition of the True Blood Round Table. Come along with Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal as he debated "Spellbound" with staff writers Eric Hochberger, Carissa Pavlica and Jim Garner below...


What was your favorite scene?
Matt: Sam standing up to Marcus. Yes, I just reference a Sam scene as my favorite, but what can I say? Emma is adorable, and Luna is hot! At least Sam is choosing the right cause.

Eric: Is there even a question? Obviously the vamp/witch stand-off! Love that both sides brought their little hidden armies.

Carissa: Eric vamping across enemy lines and ripping the heart out of one of the witches. He may be sweet and sugary to our Sookie, but he still has the devil inside him!

Jim: Jessica being tackled by Jason. I so called it! Sadly, they didn't quiet slide into a closet, but she did kiss him. Good enough for me.

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Will Sookie survive?
Matt: Yes and no. The show obviously won't kill her off, but might Antonia take over her body? Or might she end up in Fairy Land again? It would be a rather lame cliffhanger is she were simply alive within moments of next Sunday's episode beginning, wouldn't it?

Eric: You're dumb. If this show wasn't willing to kill off Jessica, why would I possibly worry about the show's main star? Let's bring on some main cast member deaths!  Get me that petition, Matt.

Carissa: Even if she didn't survive as a faerie/human hybrid, one of her loves would turn her into a vampire, so I don't think she's going anywhere any time soon!

Jim: Of course, Alan Ball knows not to kill the golden faerie! Hell, with the amount of Eric's blood she had, I was surprised the bullet didn't pop out the second she sat down.

Jess dumping Hoyt: The right move, or "that bitch!!!!"
Matt: The right move because Jess clearly doesn't love Hoyt like she should. (Sorry, dude, she's just not that into you.), but being pushed to actually end the relationship because of Jason? Hoyt's BFF? I adore you, Jessica, but... that bitch!

Eric: Right move. As I said last week, she's so young by human and especially vampire standards. She needs to learn how to love herself (as a vampire) before she loves someone else. Until then, is there any better way for her to pass the time than with a mimbo like Jason?

Carissa: It was the right move. She wasn't feeling it any more. And somehow they turned beloved Hoyt into a crazy stalker-ish guy in just a couple episodes. He's lost his charm and seems more like the pathetic mommy's boy he was at the beginning of the series. I wish they hadn't done that to him. Makes me wonder if he'll go evil on us. That would be a nice twist.

Jim: Given that Hoyt uninvited her and she went flying out on her butt, I think it's safe to say it was a mutual breakup. However, I will mention that Jason's reaction of also tossing her out by uninivting her was a bit over the top given that he did kiss her back.

Did the shower scene live up to the hype?
Matt: Are you kidding?!? I've taken hotter showers with nothing but a loofah.

Eric: No way, but that inexplicable snow? Hot. And by hot, I mean WTF?

Carissa: No. It was more of a bed scene, with the snow falling on Eric's nekkid butt. Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of it!

Jim: Are we fighting witches yet? I really am done with seeing Sookie making the beast with two backs.

Choose your Team: Antonia or Bill?
Matt: As I lamented in my review, I'm officially on Team Death. As long as some major character perishes before the season is through, I'll be a happy fan.

Eric: You're dumb. Obviously Team Vamp! While I like Antonia as this season's villain, who could possibly choose her? Besides an idiot like Tara, that is.

Carissa: Until Tara gets her head out of her arse, I'm on any team that she isn't. Bill gets my vote by default just because Tara is with the other group. You just know from that decision that they will turn out to be the crazies!

Jim: Have to go with Team Bill, as he really does want peace. Eric appeared to want peace too... a piece of a witches heart, that is. Besides, I think holding an entire species responsible for the actions of a few bad apples is just too extreme for me.


I know this is true love blood and everyone is in love with the vampires. dont matter if they are are murderers, rapists and evil does not matter when you're hot
I'm obviously on the side of the witches are the best and nobody can deny it, so much hatred against them because instead of being dominated by what others say or think
every human being is free to decide what to believe Witches are only defending their beliefs in case you would not do the same and if you fight for that so be it
Tara about the different meeting towards the beginning of the series, I miss also the brave, confident and strong Tara. I want that Tara back
All Tara criticize but not to Sookie when she is the worst character of all, beginning with his great stupidity and lack of security
if they kill someone kill Jason, Tommy, and maybe Jessica


First: No way would they would kill off Sookie-end of conversation. If they're gonna kill off any main character then PLEASE-make it Tara,I'm tired of her naivete. Second: Team vamp because come on, the witches are acting out on petty vengeance. You wanna take out all vampires because of what a few bad ones did? Their not all bad. Third: Eric is still hot as an innocent vampire, but you gotta admit that badass Eric was way hotter and a lot more fun to watch. Speaking of fun and badass vampires- you just gotta love Pam! "This is so fucking lame!".


I have no idea what they are doing. Sometime I wish they would follow the book more. This wimpy wanta be actually being used to take down the vamps. Please the real witch(in the book) was much more bad ass. Along with the big fight at the end. The wolf pack help. But I am totally team Eric and Pam. They both kick arsh in the books along on with the TV


Jessica and Jason are going to get together. It's inevitable. Alcide has feelings for Sookie. And since Eric is about to flip-out thanks to Antonia, I think he's the next one in Sookie's bed. Besides, I never liked his girlfriend. Tara has been really scared, but in the end she'll side with Sookie. Billy is up to something. We may not find out what until the end of the season. Layfette is in deep doo doo now.


Why's everyone hating on Tara? I can understand her perfectly. If I were her I'd like to kill every "living" vampire myself...well maybe not everyone but the mean ones as Eric and Pam. And I'm saying that though I'm totally in love with Eric (well at least Bad boy Eic) and Pam. But from her point of view it's absolutely understandable.
Sookie and Eric are creeping the hell out of me. It's nauseating to watch them and I think it's a shame to build up tension for 3 seasons and coming up with such a lame "climax" So much wasted time ... well I'm hoping Eric comes to his senses soon and will be his old sexy self^^ In the meantime I enjoy Jessica and Jason. My new favourite couple on the show=) well hopefully! Though if they having the same boring relationship then as Eric and Sooke, maybe they sould stay apart^^ But I'm glad Hoyt has been dumped. He annoyed me recently and I agree...he really lost his charme! And to be honest...Jessica is like 10000000 times hotter than him!


What about Alcede?? I think he is related to Sookie somehow.Somehow Debbie is gonna get with the werewolf pack leader and go after the vamps because of Sookie.Weren't werewolves the protectors of vampires when they were resting?There had to be a reason this came about.Maybe Sookies dad was/ is a werewolf? They never showed him dead either.That would be a cool twist..A fairywolf..hahaha Also,they never showed the black ladys baby dead..wonder if it was taken and given to someone else /sold into slavery/etc.. and Lafeyaette reunites them via his powers?


I am on the vampires side of this battle. However, everyone is stating that go Bill. He really wants peace. Oh bull-crap! Have we all forgotten the lies. Oh, and don't forget about Russell who is buried right now and half burned. Yep! That was Bill (your peace loving king) Oh! and all the twists and "partnerships" that Bill has made with killing the queen, Getting rid of Russell, oh and what he did to Sookie. Oh I love you!! Oh wait I lied I just wanted you for your fairy blood. The man is not a peace loving anything. He is a LIAR! Eric- Come back to us. We miss the vamp you truly are. Come back to the dark side hunny!! Tara- Seriously! Your best friend is in love with both of these Vampires that you are fighting against. That is like backstabbing bull-Crap. Stand for your best friend for once not your selfish crap. Just because Franklin one vampire did what he did do not punish all the vampires. Get a clue. Sookie- We know you will do the whole male cast before True Blood's season is actually over. Can ya pick one now and stick with them!! Antonia- Follow the steps of Tara. GET OVER IT!! Hoyt- You are too sweet. Find someone else that is awesome. Jess has no clue what the hell she wants. Jason- Good move dude!! Stay away from that trouble. Hoyt is your best pal. Jess- Hoyt really loved you. Now he didn't do the whole I love you please don't leave me thing like you thought he was going to do. Bruised your poor lil vampire ego huh. Even though you are still one of my favorite characters. now that your not that whiney brat you were in the beginning. Last but not least.. Layfette GET AWAY FROM JESUS!!! I told you this in the beginning he is a strange dude!!!


If I see one more 'Eric pours out his feelings to Sookie' scenes this season, I may puke. Eric's balls have well and truly shriveled up and retracted back into his body!


Carissa: Until Tara gets her head out of her arse, I'm on any team that she isn't. Bill gets my vote by default just because Tara is with the other group. You just know from that decision that they will turn out to be the crazies! >>Totally agree with you Carissa! How many more times can she get away from being vamp dinner! Geez she need to go .. Unless they bring the old Tara back. I simply can't stand this new Tara

Uncle jackass

@Eric, agree, Go Team Vamp!!

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