Who Will Serve as an Escort on 90210?

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According to the official preview for season 4 of 90210, Annie might have a long-term future with Liam. Just look at what he appears to ask her in this video.

But, in the short term, we now know what the future holds for Annie Wilson - and it's nothing we would have predicted. According to Michael Ausiello, this recent high school graduate will become... a professional escort?!?

Liam & Annie

No other details regarding the reasons behind this move have been revealed, but it does have our interest piqued. Which is more than we can usually say for storylines involving Annie.

As for what other 90210 characters will be up to on season four, which premieres on September 13?

  • Naomi will be attending college.
  • Navid will be living with Silver after his parents leave for Switzerland and running his father's production company.
  • Dixon will be in the music business.
  • Liam will own a bar.
  • Adrianna will be doing all she can be make up for being an awful human being on season three.
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