Who Will Serve as an Escort on 90210?

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According to the official preview for season 4 of 90210, Annie might have a long-term future with Liam. Just look at what he appears to ask her in this video.

But, in the short term, we now know what the future holds for Annie Wilson - and it's nothing we would have predicted. According to Michael Ausiello, this recent high school graduate will become... a professional escort?!?

Liam & Annie

No other details regarding the reasons behind this move have been revealed, but it does have our interest piqued. Which is more than we can usually say for storylines involving Annie.

As for what other 90210 characters will be up to on season four, which premieres on September 13?

  • Naomi will be attending college.
  • Navid will be living with Silver after his parents leave for Switzerland and running his father's production company.
  • Dixon will be in the music business.
  • Liam will own a bar.
  • Adrianna will be doing all she can be make up for being an awful human being on season three.

Ok if annie is still going to be with liam then why is she going to be an escort? Sounds a bit slutty to me but guess we'll have to wait an find out how it all folds out. An the people saying that silver is a skeeze that goes after other characters boyfriends may I ask how? In s1 she was with dixon who didn't date any other character before her, teddy was a player an he helped her with her mom stuff an they got close, an navid was with adrianna an I was and kind of still am a adrianna/navid fan, an silver being with navid behind ade's back was slutty and backstabbing an thats when I kind of disliked silver but I do like silver an navid and ade may have some redeemning to do but I still like her character sort of. But I always thought annie was the one who chased after naomi's leftover's since she went with ethan after him an naomi broke up. then liam after he dumped naomi. Don.t get me wrong I like annie an liam together but I think there is more to say about annie than silver. P.s not hatin on any of the characters love them all just saying that in my opinion annie chased more of naomis ex's than silver has stole any bf's. Can't wait for season 5:-)


Lannie getting married!! eee!!! still exciting to see what this rumour is about! but what about annie becoming an escort? What the??? not sure where this will take my fav character. as for naomi getting into college - that's great, but where the heck is max and wasn't she preggers?


@Mark Defields: As much as it wouldn't surprised me that she'd make a surprise on Liam, he has much better standards and would not pursue. Silver has had no chemistry with Teddy, so I highly doubt she'll have it with Liam. Besides, at the rate Silver is going, they're going to have to add additional cast members on. Unless they decide to make her go lesbian and move onto Annie or Naomi.


After Nilver inevitably fails, how long will it take for Silver to make her move on Liam? She seems to be nothing more than a skeez who gets a kick out having things that others once had.


Love makes you do crazy things. Adrianna was in love. She couldn't help it.
She even begged Silver to break-up with Navid at one stage and her response was "I can't".
Honestly, what does she mean she "can't"? She's such a slut!


I love Adrianna, love her, but lets not poo poo switching someone's meds. Guess what if that were real life she'd be in jail. And in no way does it excuse Silver's actions, but I wouldn't switch someone's meds. for some guy? for Navid? please.


Adrianna haters, ask yourself this. How would you feel if you were betrayed by the love of your life AND one of your best friends? Personally, I wouldn't take it well, and I'd probably end up doing something I'd eventually regret.


I think Adrianna going with a popular character makes her more popular, as characters love one character, so they love the next for being with them. However, it can backfire, as I tend to hate characters for getting with characters I don't like. For example: Navid with Silver makes me hate Silver, where as Navid with Adrianna, makes me like Navid.


Rebecca Sinclair ruined Adrianna's character - that's a fact. These new writers have already made this season already seem appealing judging from the spoilers and promo that was recently released.
Adrianna is in fact redeemable. She had a horrible year last year with someone getting killed infront of her, the whole getting knocked off her high status of going from celebrity to an ordinary human being, who lost the love of her life, her best friend (Silver) and THEN discovered her best friend and love of her life were together; CHEATING behind her back, in addition of the entire World hating her for what she done with Javier's songs, which almost resulted in her killing herself. Yeah, she did some horrible things, but for someone who has struggled with a drug addiction, a teenager pregnancy (and giving up her baby), a pushy over-bearing mother that makes her feel responsible for not just her own life, but her mothers also AND bringing home checks since the age of 5 to pay for the bills and mortgage. Who also knows what struggles she's been though that have not been mentioned.
I honestly feel for Adrianna, I really do. Yeah, she's had chances before, but those were related to her drug addiction. AND NEWS FLASH; drug addicts lie. She has always tried to be so much, so I understand why she cracked and did the things she done. People need to back of Adrianna!


@Nikki: Well I love my Lannie, I don't want to hate her. I only accept Naomi coming in between my Lannie, I loved Liomi too. I just think it's a good thing if Adrianna does fall in love with someone that makes her forget Navid. I'd root for her there. I can't explain it, I just would for some reason and Dixon is so that type. Sorry :(

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