Who Will Serve as an Escort on 90210?

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According to the official preview for season 4 of 90210, Annie might have a long-term future with Liam. Just look at what he appears to ask her in this video.

But, in the short term, we now know what the future holds for Annie Wilson - and it's nothing we would have predicted. According to Michael Ausiello, this recent high school graduate will become... a professional escort?!?

Liam & Annie

No other details regarding the reasons behind this move have been revealed, but it does have our interest piqued. Which is more than we can usually say for storylines involving Annie.

As for what other 90210 characters will be up to on season four, which premieres on September 13?

  • Naomi will be attending college.
  • Navid will be living with Silver after his parents leave for Switzerland and running his father's production company.
  • Dixon will be in the music business.
  • Liam will own a bar.
  • Adrianna will be doing all she can be make up for being an awful human being on season three.

I don't think it's like that. I think Adrianna is unredeemable for her past actions aren't, she switched somebody's meds! no one is going to say I forgive you, nor should be expected. I think she'll offset it w/ a couple of good deeds and eventually someone presumably Dixon or Liam will accept her no questions asked for the person she wants to be. Navid will just have to deal with it and so will Silver and whoever else.


On the note of Adrianna redemption, I believe anything can be redeemed. If her character was completely not redeemable, there would be no point in carrying on her character on the show. I strongly believe her character will be redeemed by a few characters such as Liam and Ivy within the first few episodes, Annie and Dixon mid-way through the first half of the season, and finally Naomi, Silver and Navid by the end of the first half of the season. I adore Adrianna, yeah, she went crazy, but it was a good crazy and it brought something interesting and new in last season. She's still a reason to watch the show. However, some people just don't like characters. So you can't do anything to change their minds. Although, there is no need to constantly point out that you dislike the character when you've stated it numerous times in the past.


@ Matt Richenthal: Michael Steger's an annoying idiot who always acts like that Navid's perfect and that Ade's an unredeemable psycho. He always emphasizes Ade's bad qualities in order to make Navid seem like a great guy. This is nothing new from him.


@ Matt Richenthal: Michael Steger's interviews an annoying idiot who always says that Navid's perfect and that Ade's an unredeemable psycho. This is nothing new from him.

Matt richenthal

@Mark DeFields: Hi, Matt Richenthal here. Did you read my interview with Michael Steger? He says there's no way for Adrianna to be redeemed because she's fallen too far and burned too many friends. Just pointing out that I'm not exactly the only person who believes she's beyond redemption.


"Adrianna will be doing all she can be make up for being an awful human being on season three." You TV Fanatic Staff are just as annoying as Matt Richenthal when it comes to hating on Ade. You're also just as annoying as Matt Richenthal when it comes to glamourizing those assholes Silver and Navid.


Gabe its jeremy,me too I cant believe annie will become a escort girl OMG,But I like this storyline for annie But I want liam saves her in season end or before...........................


Also, I read that Naomi purchased a house that Annie, Silver, Ivy, Raj and herself will be living in. Does this also mean Navid will move in also?


I really can't see her being a pro escort! it's annie! She is so sweet etc!!!! But i really wanna know she will do that! Hope the storyline will be well done! ! ! But they didn't announced who will play Gabe they guy who is into Annie !

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