Will Mark Woo Lexie on Grey's Anatomy?

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Will Mark try to win back Lexie on Grey's Anatomy in Season 8?

It doesn't sound like it's his #1 priority, at least in the short run.

With all of his memorable philandering over the past couple of seasons, "people have somewhat forgotten or lost sight of the fact that Mark Sloan is one of the most-talented plastic surgeons in the country," says Eric Dane, who portrays McSteamy.

Dr. M. Sloan

Things will get complicated when Mark mentors Jackson, he says, much as he previously did when Alex was dating Lexie. Seems to be a pattern for Dr. Sloan.

Here's what Dane had to say about his new mentoring efforts:

"It's the same set of circumstances, so we're going to find out if Sloan is a good teacher or not. He sees that Lexie really likes Jackson and that Jackson is a really good guy, so it's more a situation that if you break her heart, I'll break your face."

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I love lexi she is so hot!!but she deserves some one like mark i have been waiting for it to happen for so long that if it does not happen on season 8 i see no reason to keep watching G.A


Mexie 4ever


I want Marc and Lexie get back together


I had waste my time to hope that Lexie and Mark to get back in season 7.. But it did not happened. So now season 8, how? If Mark really unable to be together with Lexie. At least Mark will be able to fall in love with. He deserves to be in love and let Lexie knows what she is missing.. The Jackson, i can't stand him. SO STUPID TO USE BACK THE SAME PLOT. ALEX AND JACKSON TO BE MENTOR BY MARK.. POOR MARK! so come on, have a good ending for mark, don't waste viewers' time again in season 8. If not, just end the season.


Mark has wanted to propose for two seasons now. I really hope it works out for them!


just because she is 28 doesn't give her the right to sleep around...she needs to grow up....maybe not marriage, but in a comitted relationship that has adult problems...and not run away when things are not rainbows and sunshine.


I don't see mark befriending the guy that's sleeping with the love of his life. Teaching him ,yes. becoming his friend, no. But as i know it Avery working with Sloan is only so this triangle can continue, a lame plot point, when i rather see Lexie go into plastics working side by side mark. I need for them to get back together, They are my only OTP of this show, i like MerDer but not enough to continue watching if M/L don't get back together, this is why i'm sick and tired of SR messing with our fan-base all in the name for ratings. She needs to just put them back together and stop lying to the M/L fans and giving us "Yes it's going to happen" Which it never dose. or "you have 87%" Enough,already. Mark and lexie have been through more then all the couples combined. It's time for some pay off and i would love nothing more then for this "New" season to end with M/L Engaged or married.


I really want to see Mark put Jackson through the paces, go get my dry cleaning, etc which he did for Alex. And yelling at him to get out of his OR, he did that to Alex too. But I think Mark won't do any of that he may try to befriend Jackson actually become a teacher that we know he can be, maybe seeing Mark treat Jackson as an equal and not as the man who has his ex-girlfriend maybe Lexie will start looking at Mark in a whole new light. I still like to see Mark and Lexie get back together, Shonda Rhimes as said the road will be a long one.


Lexie is about 28 now. And any woman in her twenties will say she is in her twenties not nearly thirty until she has hit thirty. I am such a woman and I am in my forties, which part is your guess.


Also i'm so glad that the writers aren't having mark fight for lexie, He's already done all the fighting he could to get her back and it didn't work. Hopefully, Lexie see's him trying to move on and starts to fight for him this time around. She needs to prove to him that she really wants him back this time and with everything he is offering. I just hope we get our candle moment this season. We need it badly after Season 6/7


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